• Time to go back to school, what is on the agenda ?

    After an intensive summer with the first steps of the new government, the General Policy statement of the Prime Minister, Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition Nicolas Hulot’s Climate Plan and the debates at the French Parliament, it is now time to go back to school ! What are the key energy and climate files in the coming months ? What are the key priorities for the electricity sector ?

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    UFE website is taking a summer break for the upcoming four weeks, but the preparation of the annual conference, on December 5th is still ongoing, so do not forget to register here !
    As a great leverage to value creation in a constantly evolving energy sector, innovation will be at the centre of this year’s conference : with big debates and face-to-face discussions, the day will be structured around key issues for the French and European electric system.

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  • “Europe on the move” : with electro-mobility, Europe can now move towards cleaner transport

    Though the transport sector, representing a quarter of European greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), was absent from the Clean Energy Package, it is now coming on the front scene with the legislative package “Europe on the move”. In this context, UFE recently joined the Platform for Electro-Mobility, gathering European organisations from across civil society, industries, and transport modes.

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  • « Plug and play » : insights on the electricity revolution

    Whilst the negotiations on the Clean Energy Package are in full swing in Brussels, the European electricity sector faces a revolution which reshuffles the cards for the energy transition. Smart grids boom, combined with the development of new digital and storage technologies, will address the growing need for flexibility in energy markets thus fostering integration of intermittent energy and further consumers involvement in the system. More surprisingly, these revolutions break existing silos between various sectors (transport, building) paving the way for new synergies on the whole value chain.
    Eurelectric’s annual convention held on 19-20 June in Estoril goes back on the huge potential of electrification in the digital age, but also the key conditions of a European success.

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  • The digital revolution : a game-changer for the power sector

    Whilst the French National Regulatory Authority (CRE) is about to publish the analysis undertaken by its Data Committee, UFE outlines the main issues of this announced and ongoing revolution for the power sector.
    With the development and roll-out of sensors, smart meters and connected devices, the amount of data related to energy will be tremendous, and particularly in the electricity sector.

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  • The organisation of the future electricity market at the heart of the Clean Energy Package

    Discussions on the “Clean Energy Package” are currently in full swing in Brussels and Strasbourg : in the European Parliament, the rapporteurs for the renewable nergy directive and for the regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union already released their first draft reports, and the remaining texts should follow in the coming weeks. This is the opportunity for UFE to re-examine the issues related to the Directive and the Regulation on the electricity market, for which Krisjanis Karins (PPE) is in charge of drafting the report on behalf of the ITRE Committee.

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  • Renewable energy : An ambitious, yet to be further improved European approach

    On November 30th 2016, the European Commission published its “Clean Energy Package”, a corpus of legislative proposals which aims at implementing the energy transition initiated at the European level, and making it an economic, social and industrial success. The Directive related to the promotion of renewable energy, currently under consideration in the Council and the European Parliament, is a cornerstone for this success : according to Maros Sefcovic, the Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of the Energy Union, the EU should establish itself as a world leader in renewable energy by 2030 … While the European Parliament is finalising its proposals, UFE outlines two thorny issues in this draft Directive.

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  • Clean energy package : energy efficiency must be at the service of the climate objective

    If the European Commission intends to make the European Union a leader in fighting against climate change, its proposals on energy efficiency underline that the Commission did not choose the most efficient way to achieve this ambition. By considering energy efficiency as an objective per se, it introduces additional constraints in the energy system that will bring extra costs for our still-recovering economy.

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  • Brexit : what prospects for the future Europe (of energy)

    On March 29th, the United Kingdom triggered for the first time the article 50 of the Treaty on European Union thus leading to the end of the European Union as one knows it. Eight months after a historical referendum (52% of the Brits voted in favor of Brexit), and just a few days after the celebration the EU’s 60th anniversary, the triggering of article 50 brings at least two years of tough negotiations between the United Kingdom and the EU-27 so as to agree on terms of the exit. While uncertainties prevail regarding the magnitude of the challenges ahead, Brexit could have serious consequences on the energy and climate sectors.

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    Recent news has released information that could be considered as science fiction if only it was not published by very reliable sources. As examples, hacking actions have taken place during the last American election campaign and Wikileaks revealed the CIA’s technologies to spy the world environment and bypass encryption devices. Those examples underline, if need be, the the necessity to protect as much as possible what is essential to us, and in particular to ensure the proper functioning of the electric system…

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