• Market Design : last chance for the European Parliament !

    While the first trilogues on the Renewable Energy and the Energy Efficiency Directives, as well as the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union will start this week, the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee will adopt on February, 21st their position on the new electricity market design. The outcome of this vote is crucial : capacity mechanisms, short-term market reforms and consumer participation are at the core of the proposals on the table. However, despite the concerns raised by several delegations, some compromised amendments tabled by the rapporteur, Krisjanis Karins, put at risk the ability for Member States to guarantee the security of supply in Europe. UFE takes stock of the stakes for this vote and stresses the importance of extending the debate in the European Parliament...

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  • Clean Energy Package : the European Parliament wants more !

    Discussions on the Clean Energy Package reached a new stage. After the agreement found by Member States on four texts of the legislative package during the Energy Council on December 18th, MEPs also adopted their positions on the Energy Efficiency Directive, the Renewable Energy Directive and the Energy Union Governance Regulation, and gave rapporteurs a mandate to start interinstitutional negotiations with the Council. The call of the European Parliament is clear : sectorial energy objectives should be more ambitious. On the eve of trilogues on the Clean Energy Package, UFE summarized the positions of the European institutions and recalls the importance of the electricity market reform, a key file still in discussion at the European Parliament.

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  • UFE’s Annual Conference : highlights of an exceptional day

    An exceptional year, an exceptional conference. 2017 was the year of political change in France, but also the one of future projects where the role of electricity will prove to be strategic : Pluriannual Environmental Planning, Mobility Forum “Assises de la Mobilité”, Conference of the Territories, Clean Energy Package... On December 5th, UFE’s Annual Conference, which received the High Patronage of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, tackled all these issues. With an audience of nearly 500 people, 36 high-level speakers from various backgrounds shared their vision of tomorrow’s world and their analysis of the challenges to face when t comes to the concrete implementation of the energy transition, change management, artificial intelligence, the role of territories in the increasing decentralization of energy management, digital transformation and cyber-security...

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  • Self-consumption : evolution or society revolution, it is above all a question of anticipation !

    Since September 12th, the Regulatory Commission of Energy (CRE, the French national regulatory authority) has initiated a consultation cycle dedicated to electricity self-consumption. Following several meetings and workshops, CRE published, on the website autoconsommation.cre.fr , a first call for contribution on this same topic. This topic, at the centre of UFE’s strategic priorities, gathers producers and network system operators, as it is crucial for all of them to anticipate the impact of those evolutions on the ways to consume and produce electricity.

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    It would be stating the obvious to say that the world is undergoing major transformations with the digital revolution and the energy transition. In our sector, consumption habits are changing ; generation means are evolving and the whole customer relation is being transformed. UFE’S annual conference will take place on December 5th, under the high-patronage of Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic : do not miss three face-to-face discussions, with the best experts, on the key issues of innovation, decentralisation and cybersecurity !

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  • The Clean Energy Package : it is now or never !

    Ten months after the publication of the “Clean Energy Package”, discussions in the Parliament and the Council are in the full swing. The Parliament is about to vote its first draft report in the ITRE committee this week –on the Energy Performance in buildings Directive – while the Council already adopted its general approach on the energy efficiency proposals last June. The French Union of Electricity underlines today the core issues for the French electricity sector and calls for French institutions to take action : the future of the French electricity system is now to be decided !

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  • Ready for the Mobility Forum “Assises de la mobilité”

    Thirty-five years after the Framework Law on Internal Transports (LOTI), the “Assises de la Mobilité” started on September 18th under the patronage of Elisabeth Bornes, French Transport Minister. This important public forum, which will contribute “to preparing the framework for mobility policies”, should aim to underline the major challenges of tomorrow’s mobility and ensure that the law will be a complete success. Thus, it is crucial to anticipate not only the needs and requirements to be satisfied but also the technologies that will be available. Considering that transport infrastructures represent long-term investments, a law with too little imagination might come off the road.

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  • Time to go back to school, what is on the agenda ?

    After an intensive summer with the first steps of the new government, the General Policy statement of the Prime Minister, Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition Nicolas Hulot’s Climate Plan and the debates at the French Parliament, it is now time to go back to school ! What are the key energy and climate files in the coming months ? What are the key priorities for the electricity sector ?

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    UFE website is taking a summer break for the upcoming four weeks, but the preparation of the annual conference, on December 5th is still ongoing, so do not forget to register here !
    As a great leverage to value creation in a constantly evolving energy sector, innovation will be at the centre of this year’s conference : with big debates and face-to-face discussions, the day will be structured around key issues for the French and European electric system.

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  • “Europe on the move” : with electro-mobility, Europe can now move towards cleaner transport

    Though the transport sector, representing a quarter of European greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), was absent from the Clean Energy Package, it is now coming on the front scene with the legislative package “Europe on the move”. In this context, UFE recently joined the Platform for Electro-Mobility, gathering European organisations from across civil society, industries, and transport modes.

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