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09 March 2022

The EU electricity sector must rely on all technologies compatible with the decarbonisation trajectory

Given the current dramatic geopolitical situation, the EU must rethink its energy positioning. We must ensure our security of supply and limit the rise in energy costs while fighting climate change. The EU must therefore accelerate the roll-out of all clean energy technologies while stepping up its energy savings efforts. In this context, we, the […]

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Vision and missions

About us

The Union of the French Electricity Industry is the trade association of the French electricity sector. We bring together companies from the whole value chain of the electricity industry.

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Information on the French power system

National consumption
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jobs throughout the national territory
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g CO2eq/kWh
CO2 emissions per kWh produced in France
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Ecowatt France Signal
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EPEX Spot Price
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Volumes of French white certificates 'CEE' delivered
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Roll-out of recharging stations in France

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Events of the sector

Jun 2022

Power Summit 2022

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Annual conference

14 Dec

Our 2021 annual conference

2021 annual conference of the Union of the French Electricity Industry

On 14th December 2021, UFE held the 11th edition of its annual conference in Paris.

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Events of the sector

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Our members

UFE brings together 21 members representing the diversity of activities in the electricity sector: producers, transmission and distribution system operators, suppliers of electricity and energy efficiency services.

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Our partners

To accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, UFE also works in close collaboration with a large network of partners in France and Europe.

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UFE in Paris

3 rue du 4 septembre
75002 Paris

+33 (0)1 58 56 69 00

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