• A new president for the European Commission... but still no European energy strategy for 2030

    The European Heads of State and Government, meeting within the European Council on the 26th and 27th of June in Ypres (Belgium), were to discuss the EU strategy on energy security, and the next framework for European energy policy for year 2030. However, at the end of an intense Council, it seems that the efforts were mostly focused on reaching an agreement on the name of the next European Commission President, rather than on the EU energy policy. Yet, there is an urgent need to act ...

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    Completely overshadowed by the fight against climate change, competitiveness is back on the European agenda : The European Commission talks now about an imperative industrial renaissance in the EU. The competitiveness gap of Europe, usually referred to its relation to China, India or Brazil, but is also concerns today the increasing gap between EU and the US (A country with the same economic maturity !). However, as Competitiveness can be assessed in many ways, reflections now focus on a key point : energy...

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  • Climate and Energy Policy 2030 : The European Commission emphasizes the fight against CO2 emissions

    Without offending the supporters of three binding targets (CO2, RES, and energy efficiency) for the European Energy Policy framework for 2030, the Commission finally opted for a more pragmatic approach. Learning from the failures and dysfunctions of the "3x20strategy”, set in 2008 by the third Climate and Energy Package, the Commission has clearly decided to refocus its strategy on the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, among which CO2 represents approx. 75%.

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