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14 September 2016

UFE Annual Conference: Preparing the world of tomorrow


In a few weeks, on November 3rd will be held UFE’s annual conference. This year, it will take place at the very end of the five-year presidency paved, for the electricity sector, by the energy transition law and the PPE (Pluriannual environmental planning), as well as the new regulation on decentralisation, and for the first time, a new digital law. Gathering more than 30 high-level experts, the conference will address the intrinsic connection between energy transition and the changes stemming from the digital revolution, focusing on its impact from the local to the European level…

With several public figures participating including the economist Nicolas Bouzou and the American sociologist Saskia Sassen coming from NYC, this seventh edition of UFE’s Annual Conference organised on November 3rd will host animated debates structured around four roundtables and two Great Debates.

A mutation affecting everyone…

Though companies in the electricity sector, with a persistent high capital intensity, used to integrate long-term perspectives based on years if not decades, they now have to adapt and quickly reinvent new business models – several of them being fundamentally dependent on such changes.
The electric system is indeed currently facing a deep mutation drawn by four major trends: the fight against climate change, the digital revolution affecting the entire value chain of the system, the increasing demand in services and the rising role of local territories and consumers in the energy governance.
Built around these key challenges to address, the annual conference will have four key questions as common thread on which all the participants and high level experts will provide their perspective: what will tomorrow’s energy world look like? How will it be governed? Who will finance it? And most of all, how to articulate the answers to these questions in a comprehensive approach being at the same time industrial, socio-economic and regulatory – for only such an integrated approach can preserve the security and competitiveness of the electric system?..
A day not to be missed !

Vision and missions

Vision and missions
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The Union of the French Electricity Industry is the trade association of the French electricity sector. We bring together companies from the whole value chain of the electricity industry.

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