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About us

Our structure

18 team members are working for UFE, 16 in our Paris office and 2 in our Brussels office.

Christine Goubet-Milhaud


Mathias Laffont

Deputy Delegate General

Rudy Cluzel

Deputy Director for External Relations

Alice Franz

Head of EU and International affairs

Daniel Gama

Director Renewable Energy, Networks and Markets

Jean-Michel Romann

Social Advisor

Aurélie Chevrel

Communication Officer

Jules Rybojad

Communication Officer (press and social media)

Oussama Haned

Institutional Relations Advisor

Olivia Druillet

Retail Market and energy efficiency certificates Advisor

Victoria Leonenko

Electromobility and Procurement Senior Advisor

Youenn Rougetet

Energy Efficiency and Innovation Senior Advisor

Vincent Guiheneuf

Studies, flexibilities and hydrogen Advisor

Sébastien Méraud

Markets and Power System Advisor

Maxime Ferré

Renewables and Network Advisor

Arthur Allier

EU Affairs Advisor

Julie Liwer

Executive assistant to the President

Karine Nacré

Head of HR and Accounting
About us

Vision and Missions

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About us

Our Members and Partners

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Events of the sector

Jun 2022

Power Summit 2022

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Annual conference

10 Dec

Our 2024 conference

2024 annual conference of the Union of the French Electricity Industry

The next edition of the UFE conference will be hold on 10th December 2024, in Paris.


Events of the sector