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10 November 2015

COP21: When the power Sector commits for climate


Global energy needs are growing steadily. How can they be met whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Does protecting the planet rhyme with giving up on economic growth? How can young generations address these issues? In order to understand their expectations and provide answers to their queries, the power industry will welcome them at a debate-conference in Paris this forthcoming November 23rd, only a few days ahead of the COP21…

Nowadays, electricity is present everywhere: in our daily lives, in our working tools, in our ways of communicating… Wherever the place and time, we expect from electricity to be immediately available. In a nutshell, power is intrinsically linked to the economic and social life of any developed country. As Jean-Louis Borloo, founder of the “Energies for Africa” project, recently stressed, being able to push a button to turn on the light and access electricity is a chance that enables reducing distances, communicating and evolving in a safer world.

Reconcile growth and climate is possible !

Who is now considering going backwards? Nobody! Nonetheless, no one can remain indifferent to the fight against climate change. Should we then reduce our energy consumption? Give up some comfort? The answer is no, given that electricity generated from decarbonized sources, as it is the case in France, enables reconciling technological and industrial progress, economic development, and management of energy consumption in a climate-friendly manner. A few weeks ahead of the COP21 that France will host on its territory, we should make the most out of it and recall that we have at our disposal “clean” energies, ideal for a sustainable growth.

And what do youngsters think about it?

Furthermore, power is the driver of a major transformation that turns upside down the world, namely the digital revolution. And young generations are already key actors of this revolution. But how do they see the future of the planet, beyond ideological positioning? What are their expectations of a sector such as the power industry? It is precisely with the objective of understanding their stance on climate problems, their involvement and their vision on society and energy, that the power industry organizes this 23rd of November a debate-conference with several young people coming from organizations or the private sector. The economist Daniel Cohen will open the debates reflecting on the close link between power and digital, analyzing the latter’s impact in our society and economy, and comparing its input with the one brought at the beginning of the 20th century, with the emergence of electricity.

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Vision and missions
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