UFE’s views on CRE and ACER’s reports regarding the implementation of the minimum 70% cross-zonal electricity capacity target

Following the publication of CRE’s and ACER’s respective monitoring reports of the implementation of the 70 % of interconnection capacity made available for cross-zonal trade target in France and in the European Union, UFE notes significantly different conclusions between the two reports that are mainly due to methodological divergences. In view of their next editions, UFE would like to stress its preference for CRE’s approach considering that the so-called “70 % target” has been fulfilled when increasing the available margin for cross-border trade of the French network elements would have not led to an increase in cross-border trade and therefore not brought any additional gain to consumers. UFE also deems that any stakeholder should have the possibility to objectively monitor the achievement of the target on the basis of all available data and therefore welcomes RTE and CRE’s joint initiative to publish the datasets concerning the French borders in open data. Finally, UFE calls on ACER to take into account exchanges with third countries in its future analyses and to improve their transparency by publishing all relevant documents.

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