Position Paper regarding the European Commission communication on long-term strategy to decarbonize the European economy

UFE welcomes the European Commission’s communication calling on Members States for the establishment of a long-term strategy to decarbonize the European economy. The French electric sector supports Europe’s carbon neutral objective for 2050, as it is the only credible option to meet the Paris agreement’s commitment to limit global warming to 1.5 °C. As the EU set a 40 % greenhouse gas emission reduction target by 2030 – compared to 1990 – this mainly put the decarbonization burden on the 2030-2050 period. However, as underlined by the recently published IPCC report, it will be easier and cheaper to intensify our efforts during the 2020-2030 decade. Therefore, UFE calls for a reassessment of the European climate objectives for 2030 in order to ensure a sustainable and efficient energy transition. Currently, CO2 emission savings could be achieved rapidly and in a cost-effective way especially through the substitution of coal-fired power plants.

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