UFE’s study “Energy Data, a new economic El Dorado?”

Players in the electricity sector are keen to foster opportunities created through data availability and usage, leading the UFE to make the following recommendations:

1. FACILITATE THE USE OF STANDARD FORMATS AND INTEROPERABILITY to make standardised data available throughout the electricity sector and generate information with added value
2. Encourage INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIPS, particularly with local or regional authorities, by exchanging and cross-referencing energy information through data sharing or premium access solutions
3. PURSUE OPEN DATA INITIATIVES IN THE ENERGY SECTOR : - upgrade data access methods to foster the development of new services for the benefit of the consumer - make a broader range of data available, provided that customers are happy to give their consent and that confidential data is protected
4. IMPOSE FAIR DEMANDS ACROSS ALL FORMS OF ENERGY, particularly high-carbon content sources such as oil, to encourage a multi-energy approach in the fight against climate change
5. MAKE RECIPROCAL DATA SHARING ARRANGEMENTS WITH OTHER ECONOMIC SECTORS (telecoms, mobility, etc.) to take advantage of new economic opportunities made possible through data cross-referencing


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