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response to the public consultation about guidelines on fundamental electricity data transparency

UFE is convinced that transparency on fundamental data is crucial to promote a level playing field in the market by reducing information asymmetry and ensuring a more efficient functioning of wholesale market competition.

In France, electricity market fundamentals data have been available on the TSO’s website since November 2006. UFE and the producers within the French Transparency initiative (6 reporting companies representing 85 % of the French installed generation capacity) have been committed, with the support of the TSO (RTE), in a step by step generation data transparency process since 2006.

In parallel with this generators involvement, the French TSO is publishing information on wind energy forecast for the French grid.

Although not cited in the initial impact assessment of ERGEG, this French initiative has achieved a high level of transparency on fundamental generation data and will continue to improve it during

2011, under the scrutiny of the French Regulatory Authority (CRE).


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