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Did you know ? The World Cup impacted the French electricity consumption!

France’s electricity consumption is the outcome of millions of individual small actions. Thus, on July 10th around 8pm, the domestic electricity consumption suddenly dropped to 1 200 MW (the equivalent of the consumption of the city of Lyon). The cause? Rather than doing their individual activities, the French had gathered with relatives, in bars or in fan zones to cheer and support the French team in semi-final of the World Cup against the Red Devils from Belgium. Fans held their breath and their electricity consumption until… half time! The demand then rose again sharply by 500 MW, the game’s tension pushing them to get a refreshing drink (opening of the fridge door, which causes the start of its compressor) or to heat a snack. An electricity consumption equivalent to 500 000 microwaves was then measured during 15 minutes!
Source: Le Mag RTE “When football plays with electricity consumption”, July 11th, 2018

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