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Did you know ? The French state participates actively to the development of renewable energy

The development of renewable electricity energies is necessary to reach the targets set in the Paris agreement. How does the French state incentivize this development? For the fast-growing sectors (PV, onshore and offshore wind), the production of renewable electricity faces many technical and administrative complexities, that make renewable electricity generation production more expensive. Once those obstacles addressed thanks to the impulsion of technical progress and administrative simplification, the costs of production will diminish, allowing those energy to find their place in the economical merit order, without any financial support. Awaiting this time, the French state supports them financially. In the beginning of 2018, the government forecast that the financial support to electricity renewable energies will amount for the year 2018 to €5,42 billion, coming from the state’s budget (financed 99% from the tax on petrol products consumption).
Source: Financial support to electric renewables in transition

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