Did you know ? In France, the electric car emits 79% less CO2 than a combustion engine

Not only does the electric car emit virtually no particle or nitrogen (harmful for public health) but, in addition, it produces less CO2 (the cause of climate change) than its combustion equivalent, even when taking into account its entire life cycle (production phase of components included). If, as stated by the NGO European Climate Foundation, the real amount of an electric car emissions depends on the location of the car and battery production (energy used) and its place of use (electricity mix), according to IFPEN, even in Poland, where coal is the main source for electricity generation, the electric car still produces less CO2 than a combustion car (-22%). Indeed, according to a study of Brussels University for the NGO Transport & Environment that modelized electric car emissions based on the European electricity mix, the electric car emits 54% less CO2. Lastly, if we look at France, where electricity is highly decarbonized, the benefit from electric mobility reaches 79%. “The electric car is the only solution for the future of ecological individual transport” said Le Figaro journalist, Emmanuel Egloff.

Source: Le Figaro, November 7th, 2018

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