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Did you know ? Electricity and artificial intelligence are the two pillars of the car of tomorrow

The race to develop autonomous cars has begun, and several prototypes have already demonstrated their ability to drive without a driver. The appetite of the major car manufacturers but also of new players (Navya, Google,...) is equal to the revolution that will be generated by this new type of vehicle. For Valeo, the technology is already a reality with Drive4U, tested in real conditions at the 2018 Paris Motor Show: intuitive and automatic driving, digital mapping, identification and obstacle avoidance... All these innovations will enable drivers to optimize their journey to reduce their travel time and drive in greater safety. To test its autonomy systems, the equipment manufacturer has recently made a media buzz by driving an autonomous prototype vehicle (but under the supervision of an operator on board) in Paris under real traffic conditions. If autonomous cars are also powered by carbon-free electricity, they will not emit greenhouse gases nor pollutants. The car of tomorrow, both autonomous and electric, will thus solve climate and health issues as well as meet the challenges of road traffic such as congestion, noise and accidents. Electricity and digital are the two complementary pillars of the automotive revolution.

Source: OIE educational sheet "Autonomy and electricity: the mobility of the future?”

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