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Did you know? Electric Vehicle vs. thermal Vehicle: Electric wins the match by KO!

According to the Odoxa survey for RTE, nearly 3 out of 4 French people think that electric vehicles are not economical, due to their high price. However, a study by the UFC-Que Choisir consumer association shows that the electric car proves to be a more judicious investment, particularly because it has lower operating costs - maintenance and fuel - than its traditional combustion engine version.
According to RTE, the cost of refuelling is €1,100 per year for a diesel vehicle, compared to €380 for an electric car. This cost can even drop to only €140 per year if the car’s recharge is driven by dynamic tariffs such as peak time tariffs. Maintenance costs also play an important role in savings: in small urban areas, the cost of electricity can be 35% lower than a thermal one. Finally, the electric car benefits from a lower depreciation: in first hand and still in the small city car segment, the combustion car can lose 43% of its value compared to 20% for an electric car after 4 years.
Victory by knockout!

Source: RTE « UFC-Que Choisir « Budget auto : l’électrique c’est que du bonus ! », January 10th 2019 & La Tribune, January 31th 2019 « Electricité : plus de voitures électriques pour faire baisser la facture ? »

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