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Did you know ? Air conditioning warms up the planet!

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s study "The future of cooling" published on May 15th, the electricity needs for air conditioning could reach by 2050 the equivalent of the current electricity consumption of China and India. The increase in cooling demand comes mainly from three countries: India, China and Indonesia. "In these countries, less than 10% of households are equipped with air conditioning today. But when the standard of living rises, they get equipped very quickly," Fatih Birol, the director of the IEA, observed. Many of these countries have invested in solar power plants, (...) but this demand for electricity continues well after the sunset (...). This is for this evening peak consumption that peak electricity generation capacities are mobilized and in most countries, these are gas or coal-fired power plants, which emit large amounts of greenhouse gases" he explained. In addition, "in all major markets, people are buying air conditioners that are much less energy efficient than technology allows today" the study also alerts.

Source: Le Monde of 15/05/18 and "The Future of cooling" IEA 15/05/18

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