Did you know? According to the industry, France can achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

According to the study "ZEN 2050 - Imagining and building a carbon-neutral France" by the association “Companies for the environment” (EPE), which includes some forty major groups (including EDF, Engie and Total), France could reach the ZEN balance (net zero emissions) within 30 years, by doubling the capacity of its carbon sinks (which would allow to absorb up to 100 MtCO2eq in 2050), and by reducing its CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050.

This objective can only be achieved if all sectors of the economy are mobilized (emissions from the agricultural sector to be halved, 90% reduction in emissions from the construction and transport sectors), and if consumers accept a significant change in their lifestyles (transition to "largely electric mobility", consumption and production without fossil energy...).

This effort to decarbonize the economy would be "slightly" favorable to employment. It would represent a net creation of about 300,000 jobs in sectors related to the energy transition. The pursuit of the objective of carbon neutrality would also be accompanied by a significant improvement in the quality of life of the French people, particularly in terms of reducing air or noise pollution, health, food and living conditions.

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