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UFE - Press review of 20/05/19

Christine Goubet-Milhaud : “our collective objective must be to transform vision into action”
Re-elected as President of the UFE on April 17th, Christine Goubet-Milhaud explained in an interview published by Enerpresse the priorities of her new three-year mandate: “we need to find some form of convergence between customary substitutions to move towards what is less carbon-intensive. Action must focus on the building and transport sectors by defining the pace of substitution towards climate and energy efficient solutions. Electricity will be essential”. Moreover, the industrial challenge is becoming more and more important. Indeed, the electricity sector “generate 70% of the jobs of the whole energy sector while it only accounts for 25% of final consumption”.
Source : Enerpresse : May 14th, 2019
French National Assembly to review the energy and climate bill
On April 30th, the French energy and climate bill was presented during the Council of Ministers. The text will be examined starting June 18th by the French National Assembly and in July by the French Senate. The Economic Affairs Committee (rapporteur Anthony Cellier) is seized with the substance of the bill (major objectives, coal-fired power plants, winter package…) with both the exceptions of articles 2 (creation of the High Council for Climate) and 4 (local environmental authority) which will be examined by the Sustainable Development Committee (rapporteur Nathalie Sarles).
Source : AEF, May 9th, 2019
The ecological transition, at the heart of the European elections
Several parties (LREM, PS-PP, EELV, LFI) have decided to make ecological transition the main motto in their programs. Whether it is through the creation of a Climate Bank, a better targeting of European funds allocated to the ecological transition, the end of fossil fuel subsidies or the implementation of a European investment plan, all parties aim to capitalize on citizen mobilization in order to win votes for the European elections to be held on May 26th.
Source : AFP, May 10th, 2019
The 28 national energy and climate plans are not sufficient enough according to ECF
On May 16th, the European Climate Foundation presented a study to assess whether the national plans would make it possible to achieve the objectives set for 2050. Currently, only Spain has a rate above average (52%) followed by France (47%) and Greece (44%). On average, the EU received a 29% score, with Slovenia (3%) and Germany (12%) having the worst performances. Moreover, the ECF deplores the marginal use of binding legal instruments and too timid measures, particularly with regard to coal and fossil fuel subsidies. Finally, the ECF calls on States to intensify their efforts and specify how the measures will be implemented.
Source : Euractiv, May 17th, 2019
The development of electric vehicles is risk-free for the electricity system according to RTE and the AVERE
French TSO RTE and the European association for electromobility (Avere) published a study on the deployment of electric vehicles in France. The latter shows that neither the electricity system nor the security of supply would be jeopardized with the planned expansion of electric mobility. Moreover, RTE underlines the system’s ability to accommodate up to 15.6 million electric vehicles by 2035, which would roughly correspond to less than 8% of total electricity generation in France but would allow the electricity system to save up to 0.9 billion euros per year.
Source : Enerpresse, May 17th, 2019
The European elections are taking place on 23-26 May

Working Party on Energy, Council of the EU, May 21th, 27th, in Brussels :
- Draft Council conclusions on the Future of Energy Systems in the Energy Union designed to ensure the clean energy transition and the achievement of energy and climate objectives towards 2030 and beyond – Discussion.

Working Party on Telecommunications and Information Society, Council of the EU, May 21th, 24th in Brussels

Working Party on Competitiveness and Growth Industry, Council of the EU, May 21th, in Brussels

Working Party on the Environment Council of the EU, May 22th, 23th, 24th, in Brussels

Working Party on Consumer Protection and Information, Council of the EU, May 23th, in Brussels

Working Party on Transport – Intermodal Questions and Networks, Council of the EU, May 24th, in Brussels

Working Party on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030), May 29th, in Brussels

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