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UFE - Press review of 05/04/19

EDF launches Hynamics, its subsidiary dedicated to hydrogen
At the Hanover Fair, EDF announced the launch of Hynamics, its subsidiary dedicated to producing and supplying low-carbon hydrogen to industry and mobility. Indeed, hydrogen consumption could represent 18% of global final energy demand in 2050 according to EDF. Unlike the methods of emitting hydrogen via fossil fuels, "Hynamics has chosen the electrolysis of water to produce its hydrogen, a technology that emits very little CO2, provided that the electricity used comes from low-carbon production means".
Source: Usine Nouvelle, April 2nd
French Administration will launch a study on the post 2035 Energy mix
Laurent Michel, Director General of Climate Energy, announced during a hearing in the National Assembly that a study would be launched on the energy mix of the 2050s based on three "major topics": offshore wind power, new nuclear power and "the management and cost of intermittent and renewable energy storage". "I am convinced that thinking this mix with renewable energies, without necessarily excluding nuclear energy, which is totally legitimate, is the best way to lower prices," he justified.
Source: AEF, March 27th
Direct Energy becomes Total Direct Energy
"In April, the ‘Direct Energie’ branch will become Total Direct Energie for its 4 million electricity and gas customers in France," announced Xavier Caïtucoli, CEO of Direct Energie.
Source: Le Figaro, March 22nd
Reduction of co2 emissions on the EU-ETS market 2018
On April 1st, the European Commission published the preliminary EU-ETS market data for the year 2018. The analysis by the NGO Sandbag estimates that CO2 emissions in Europe fell by 3.5% in 2018, which is an improvement after the 0.3% increase of 2017. This reduction is, on one hand, due to a significant reduction in emissions from coal (hard coal -9%, lignite -3%) and hydrocarbons (oil and gas -6%). On the other hand, emissions from the aviation sector are increasing by 8% and one airline company, Ryanair, is among the 10 most polluting installations in Europe. The other nine are lignite-fired power plants, 7 of which are located in Germany. Data will be definitively validated by the European Commission in May.
Source: AEF, April 1st
Germany opens the door to a carbon floor price
Last February, the German Secretary of State for Energy Transition rejected the proposal to introduce a carbon floor price by 2021. However, last week, Angela Merkel commissioned a study to set a carbon price outside the ETS market. The Chancellor only asked for a single rule, that of the social acceptability of the proposed measures. The country has already declared that it will not meet its 2020 targets and must therefore announce major climate measures by the end of the year. Moreover, this week was marked by the announcement of the Federal Office for the Environment of a significant reduction in emissions in 2018 after 4 years of stagnation. This decrease is due to lower heating requirements and the closure of coal-fired power plants.
Source: Contexte, April 2nd
Insufficient National energy efficiency targets by 2030
The Energy Saving Coalition, a platform gathering companies and NGOs, analysed the energy efficiency measures contained in Member States' national energy and climate plans published last February. The Coalition believes that reaching the 2030 targets will require a further effort to reduce consumption by 11.4% for primary energy and 11.6% for final energy, in comparison with the measures that are currently in place. According to this analysis, the sum of the national plans achieves a reduction of respectively 4.6% and 9.4%. France is among the EU's best students for final energy, but foreseen efforts to reduce primary energy consumption are still insufficient.
Source: Contexte, April 3rd
Institutional Agenda
Committee of Transport and Tourism, April 11th, in Brussels
- Exchange of views with Commissioner Bulc on policy achievements and future prospects for transport
- TRAN Results of CEF call 2018

Plenary session of the European Parliament, from April 15th to 18th, in Strasbourg
- Vote on Better enforcement and modernisation of EU consumer protection rules (16/04)
- Debate on CO2 emission performance standards for new heavy-duty vehicles (17/04)
- Vote on Digital Europe Programme for the period 2021-2027 (17/04)
- Vote on Connecting Europe Facility (17/04)
- Vote on the Programme for the Environment and Climate Action (LIFE) (17/04)
- Vote on the European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre and Network of National Coordination Centres (17/04)
- Vote on the promotion of clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles (17/04)

Working Party on Transport – Intermodal Questions and Network, April 10th, Brussels

Working Party on Telecommunications and Information Society, April 11th, in Brussels

Working Party on Consumer protection and information, April 12th ad 24th, in Brussels
- Consideration of the compromise proposal on the Class Actions Directive

Working Party on Energy, April 16th, in Brussels

Working Party on Environment, April 16th and 17th, in Brussels

Informal meeting of Employment and Social policy Minsters, April 10th and 11th, in Bucharest

Informal meeting of cohesion policy ministers, April 11th and 12th, in Bucharest

European Council, April 10th, in Brussels
- Brexit discussions

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