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UFE - Press review of 22/03/19

Air pollution kills more people than tobacco
According to a study published in the European Heart Journal, atmospheric pollution was responsible for 8.8 million deaths in 2015 while tobacco was responsible for 7.2 million. Researchers have estimated that between 40 and 80 % of deaths linked to air pollution are due to cardiovascular disease. Therefore, they urge the EU to convert to other energy sources knowing that most fine particles and other pollutants come from fossil energy.
Source: France Info March 13th, 2019
The European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for carbon neutrality
The European Parliament adopted during its plenary session a motion for resolution (369 in favor, 116 against, 40 abstentions) calling upon Member States to favor the most ambitious scenarios between the eight possibilities presented by the European Commission last November. Members of the European Parliament reiterated their support to an increase in the overall reduction target for greenhouse gas emissions for 2030, from the current 40 % to 55 %. The European Council taking place on March 21st and 22nd will discuss this strategy in order to finalize its position by the end of the year.
Source: Contexte March 15th, 2019
Wind electricity generation sets a new record
On March 14th, the wind electricity generation reached 12 323 MWh thanks to strong winds across France as well as an installed wind energy consisting of 15 108 MW according to RTE’s twitter. The load factor reached 81 % while this peak production was able to cover up 18 % of the French electricity consumption.
Source: RTE March 18th, 2019
Investments up to 27 % for energy renewables in 2018
On March 18th, Climate Action and Energy Commissioner, Miguel Arias Cañete claimed that investments in renewable energy increased by 27 % in 2018 in comparison with the previous year. Moreover, he underlined that in 2018, the photovoltaic industry grew by 36 % comparing to 2017 while also welcoming the fact that more than 95 % of the production capacity newly-established was based on renewable energy.
Source : Enerpresse March 20th, 2019
Matignon think tank is working on a “redistribution” of the carbon tax
On March 20th, the French economic analysis committee (CAE) published a note suggesting that the carbon tax should be reintroduced and that its revenue should fully be allocated to “households based on their income and their location, between rural areas and small urban areas”. This “redistribution” could take the form of a “simplified energy voucher” allocated by the tax authority that could be used freely, regardless of energy expenditures.
Source : Le Monde March 20th, 2019
The European Commission provides €750 Million in 2019 for clean energy infrastructure
The European Commission launched a call for tenders regarding the Projects of Common Interest (PICs). €750 million in EU funding coming from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) will be available to finance key European energy infrastructure projects with major cross-border benefits. Furthermore, the European Commission reminds that the vast majority of the funds should be allocated to electricity projects given the fact that petroleum projects are not eligible for grant. Once the deadline is reached (on June 13th), the proposals will be assessed against several criteria including solidarity, innovation and their benefits in terms of security of supply.
Source: Contexte, March 21st, 2019
Mini Plenary session of the European Parliament, April 3rd to 4th, Brussels:
- Common rules for the internal market for natural gas (03/04).
- Re-use of public sector information (04/04).

Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE), April 2nd, in Brussels:
- MFF Programmes : state of play and perspectives, Exchange of views with the European Commission and the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
- Establishing the European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre and the Network of National Coordination Centres.

Working Party on Energy, Council of the EU, April 9th, in Brussels

Working Party on Environment, Council of the EU, March 29th, April 1st, 2nd and 4th, in Brussels

Working Party on Telecommunications and Information Society, Council of the EU, March 28th, April 4th, in Brussels

Working Party on Land Transport, Council of the EU, April 1st, 4th, 8th, in Brussels
- Examination of a Presidency draft working paper

Working Party on Transport – Intermodal Questions and Networks, April 5th, in Brussels

Working Party on Cyber Issues, Council of the EU, April 5th, in Brussels

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