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UFE - Press review of 08/03/19

The French National Assembly holds a public consultation on the obstacles slowing down the energy transition
Up until the April 17Th, citizens have the possibility to take part in an online public consultation about the energy consumption practices and their generation means:
- Sustainable mobility,
- Energy savings,
- Development of renewable energy sources,
- Change in practice,
- Economic and tax measures,
- Role of the energy and industrial sectors,
- Organisational methods.

The rapporteur of the mission Bruno Duvergé underlined that the study will cover “every question excluding the nuclear one. Decarbonisation is our objective” he added.
Source: AFP March 6th, 2019
66 proposals from Nicolas Hulot and Laurent Berger
Former Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot and General Secretary of the French Democratic Federation Labor (CFDT) Laurent Berger presented 66 proposals for a “social and ecological pact”. Several measures can be underlined, such as the date to end of the sales of thermal vehicles or the adoption of a carbon tax which revenues could be distributed to support households and finance the energy transition. Cosigned by 19 environmental organisations, trade unions, building associations, youth or fight against the poverty associations, this study will contribute to the “Grand Debat”’s national conferences taking place on March the 11thand 13thin Paris as well as the climate march on the 16th.
Source: Le Monde March 5th, 2019
Solar power: the costs are decreasing
According to a report published by the French Energy Regulator (CRE), the investment costs in medium or higher power photovoltaic installations decreased by 32 % over the last three years and are currently between 62 and 99 € per MWh.
Source : Journal de l’environnement March 7th, 2019
Record volume of export for French electricity in February 2019
The unprecedented mild weather of last month allowed France to export 17 415 MW of electricity on February 22ndaccording to RTE, the French TSO. As the requirement of electricity production was based on last year temperature, the production surplus was sold and exported to Spain and Italy, avoiding a costly launch of their respective thermal power stations for both countries. Therefore, the European interconnections made it possible to compensate for the lack of wind and set a new exportation record for the period.
Source: Le Dauphiné February 28th, 2019
Meeting of the Energy and Environment Councils on the European Long-Term Decarbonization Strategy
During the Energy and Environmental Councils held on March 4thand 5th,the Ministers exchanged views on the European Long Term Strategy to decarbonize the European Union in 2050. The Energy Council discussed the structural changes and the new technological solutions developed in the strategy. Four Member State asked the European Commission to elaborate a “100 % renewable scenario” in order to compensate the lack of such a hypothesis in the strategy published last November. Moreover, nine Member State (France, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Slovenia) expressed their support to a carbon neutrality in 2050.
Source: EU Council March 4thand 5th, 2019
Reform of the European carbon market: launching of the Innovation Funds
On February 26th, the European Commission announced the implementation of an Innovation Funds in accordance with the 2018 Directive reforming the European carbon market. With a budget of roughly €10 billion, the Funds aims at financing innovative and low-carbon technology in order to foster European competitiveness while tackling climate change. The funds should be provided with 450 million carbon emission allowances that should be traded on the ETS market during the 2020 – 2030 period in order to generate income directly depending on the carbon price. To be eligible to benefits from this Funds, projects will have to meet various criteria defined in a delegated act.
Source: Contexte February 27th, 2019
Plenary session of the European Parliament, March 11thto 14th, in Strasbourg

Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE), March 18th, in Brussels
- Presentation of the study on “Sector coupling: how can it be enhanced in the EU to foster grid stability and decarbonise?”.
- Common rules for the internal market in natural gas.
- Renewable energy directive, Presentation of delegated act by the European Commission.
- Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing Horizon Europe – the Framework Program for Research and Innovation laying down its rules for participation and dissemination.
- Establishing the Connecting Europe Facility.

Friends of the Presidency Group, Council of the EU, March 14th, 15th, 18th, 20th, 26thand 28thin Brussels

Ad hoc Working Party on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2021-2027, March 14th, in Brussels

Working Party on Transport, - Intermodal Questions and Networks, Council of the EU, March 15th, in Brussels

Working Party on Energy, Council of the EU, March 19th, in Brussels

Working Party on Telecommunications and Information Society, March 19th, in Brussels

Working Party on Land Transport, Council of the EU, March 22th, in Brussels

Working Party on International Environment Issues, Council of the EU, March 27th, in Brussels

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