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UFE - Press review of 22/02/19

Laurence Parisot delivers her report on the social impacts of the energy transition
It her report “Plan for jobs and skills programming”, Laurence Parisot, the former president of the French business association (MEDEF) regrets that France still does not have a dashboard of jobs in the energy transition, something essential to steer the transition. Moreover, she underlines that no existing study integrates a chapter on training and education even though this is necessary to “solve the recurring issues of mismatch between supply and demand that characterize the French labour market”. Initial training offers are insufficient “to meet the challenges”. Finally, despite the existence of a formation offer, it is not yet possible to “draw a panorama (…) and even less to describe the quality and reliability”.
Source: Contexte, February 21st, 2019
New Quinet report recommends a price of €250/tCO2 in 2030
The shadow price of carbon is an economic instrument that allows decision-makers to measure the weight of greenhouse gas emission in public investments. The higher this shadow price, the more the climate issue will be a key factor in the public investment decisions. Published by France Stratégie on February 18th, the last report from Alain Quinet recommends a reassessment of the price of the CO2 ton to €250 in 2030 and €775 in 2050, in order to encourage the investments in clean technologies and decarbonize all the sectors.
Source: Actu-environnement, February 19th, 2019
New political impetus for the European Battery Alliance: France to invest €700 million
On February 13th, at the occasion of the celebration of the centennial of the International Organisation of Motor Vehicles Manufacturers (OICA) in Paris, Emmanuel Macron announced an investment of €700 million in the framework of the European Battery Alliance and the creation of a battery production factory in France. This initiative will also be supported by the French-German consortium. The German Economy Minister already announced in December 2018 an investment plan of €1 billion in R&D and €1 billion for the construction of a battery factory in Germany.
Source: Enerpresse, February 15th, 2019
ENVI and ITRE committees adopt two resolutions on the EU long-term decarbonisation strategy
In the framework of the debate on the EU strategic vision to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, ITRE and ENVI committees adopted both their own resolution, respectively on February 19th and 20th. MEPs in ITRE committee highlighted the industrial and energy policies as well as the need to invest in research and innovation to support the energy transition. On the other hand, MEPs in ENVI committee called on an increase of the ambition by 2030, by asking for a 55% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 2030, currently set at 40% at the EU level. Moreover, they recalled the challenges of the just transition and social aspects, the necessity to have a holistic approach where all sectors contribute and the role of EU funding. The possible fusion of both resolutions, non-binding, will be debated by the Conference of Presidents before a plenary vote in Strasbourg, scheduled on March 11th.
Source: AEF, February 21st, 2019
Launch of an in-depth investigation from DG Competition into British capacity market
On February 21st, the European Commission announced the launch of an in-depth investigation related to the British capacity market scheme. This investigation follows the decision of the EU General Court in November 2018 that annulled the Commission’s decision approving the British scheme for procedural reasons. Indeed, the General Court highlighted the absence, back in 2014, of an in-depth investigation into the participation of demand-side solutions during the assessment of the compatibility of the British capacity market scheme with the EU state aid guidelines. As the United Kingdom wishes to maintain its capacity market scheme, the European Commission opens an investigation to comply with the General Court’s judgment. All the interested parties can submit their comments.
Source: Press release, European Commission, February 21st, 2019
Political agreement on clean cars targets in public procurement
The European Parliament and the Council of the EU found an agreement on February 11th regarding the revised Clean Vehicles Directive, which aims to set clean vehicles targets in public procurements. For light-duty vehicles, a clean vehicle will have to emit less than 50 gram of CO2 per km in 2025 and should be zero emission after this date. Heavy-duty vehicles are defined through the AFI directive list of alternative fuels, without biofuels based on palm oil. Moreover, national public procurement targets are set for each country. Thus, the maximum target for clean buses and trucks in 2030 is 66%, half of these to be achieved by procuring zero-emission vehicles. For cars, the maximum level is 38,5%.
Source: Council of the EU, February 11th, 2019
Informal Telecommunications Council, March 1st, Bucharest

Energy Council, March 4th, in Brussels:
- Policy debate on the strategic long-term vision for a climate neutral economy;
- Update on the Connecting Europe facility trilogues

Environment Council, March 5th, in Brussels:
- Policy debate on the strategic long-term vision for a climate neutral economy;

Working Party on Environment, Council of the EU, February 28th, in Brussels
- Information from the Commission: ETS Swiss linking

Working Party on Research, Council of the EU, March 4th, in Brussels

Working Party on Consumer Protection and Information, Council of the EU, March 5th, in Brussels

Working Party on Energy, Council of the EU, March 12th, in Brussels

Committee on Transports and Tourism (TRAN), March 4th, in Brussels
- Adoption of draft report on discontinuing seasonal changes of time;
- Feedback on trilogues (Connecting Europe Facility)

Plenary session of the European Parliament, March 11th to 14th, Strasbourg:
- Vote on the Long-Term Strategy resolution (11/03 : to be confirmed);
- Ratification of the political agreement on ENISA regulation (11/03) ;
- Debate on climate change, declarations of the Council and the Commission (13/03);
- Vote on the Clean Air for all resolution (13/03);

Trilogue European Parliament / Council of the EU / European Commission, March 7th, in Brussels:
- Trilogue on Connecting Europe Facility

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