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Press review of 25/01/19 to 25/01/19

At the New Year Reception of the automotive sector, Luc Chatel recalls the commitment of the sector in favour of electromobility
At the occasion of the New Year Reception of the sector, the President of the Automotive Platfom, Luc Chatel, multiplied pro-electromobility messages. He announced the creation of a Commission on “jobs and competences” in order to “accompany the emergence of new jobs and to synchronise this evolution with the decline of other functions”. He also told the audience that he launched works on a White Paper on urban mobility with a focus on autonomous vehicles, expected to be released this spring. Moreover, regarding CO2 emissions in the transport sector, he recalled the usefulness of levers such as the bonus-malus system and the conversion premium but nevertheless added that he would like to “move up a gear on electric and hybrid vehicles”. According to him, to reach the CO2 emissions reductions targets by 2030, it will take “one third of 100% electric vehicles, one third of plug-in hybrid vehicles” and the rest in thermal motors.
Source: L’, January 23rd, 2019
Results of the 2018 barometer on energy and environmental performances of tertiary buildings
The 2018 barometer on energy and environmental performance of the sustainable housing observatory (OID) gives an overview of the main energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste production indicators for offices, commercial and logistics buildings (on a basis of 17 600 tertiary buildings). The 2018 indicator of energy consumption for offices amounts to 182kWhEF/m² per year. The energy consumption dropped by 1,6% yearly since 2010, an insufficient pace to respect the objective of a reduction by 40% in 2030, 50% in 2040 and 60% in 2050 based on 2010 levels. According to OID, it will be “feasible” to achieve the first objective in 2030 but the “carbon neutrality without compensation seems very difficult to reach”.
Source: AEF, January 22nd, 2019
Energy companies such as EDF and ENGIE commit to sustainable finance
Sixteen European companies from the energy (such as EDF and ENGIE), transport, infrastructures and building sectors have joined forces to launch the “Corporate Forum on Sustainable Finance” with the objective to place green bonds at the core of their financial strategy. EDF has already issued € 4.5 billion in green bonds, that financed “a hundred of hydraulic operations and many dozens of others in solar and wind, avoiding the emission of 4.5 million of tons of CO2 per year” said Xavier Girre, Chief Finance Officer at EDF. This forum of companies represents one third of the global corporate green bonds and aims ultimately to “learn from the best practices among the members” in order to develop “the upcoming standards for green bonds”.
Source: La Tribune, January 16th, 2019
Seven countries are late to give back their energy and climate national plans
Under the Energy Union Governance regulation, Member States had to send to the European Commission, by December 31st, 2018, a draft energy and climate plan with a 2030 horizon. These plans will make it possible to implement the various approaches to achieve the 2030 targets at the national level while respecting the commitments taken under the Paris agreement. To date, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg and Spain have not returned their copies. The European Commission is expected to propose recommendations on each national strategy by June, in order to give some time to Member States to validate the final version of their energy and climate plans by the end of 2019. In parallel, discussions started in the European Parliament and the various working groups of the Council of the EU on the EU’s strategic vision for decarbonising the economy, a document that will be discussed at the EU Summit in Sibiu on May 9th.
Source: Euractiv, January 15th, 2019
Boom of the State aids to energy and environment protection in the EU
On January 24th, DG COMP published its 2018 State Aid Scoreboard, showing a real increase in the State aids to energy and environment protection in the EU, up to € 61.3 billion in 2017. Germany represents on its own almost half of this volume, as it dedicated € 36.2 billion to support the energy and environment sectors, against € 4.5 billion in France. Among all sectors, State aids to energy and environment protection are increasing at the fastest rate in 2017. The European Commission announced on January 7th the extension until 2022 of the current State aid guidelines on energy and environment protection.
Source: European Commission, January 24th, 2019 and Contexte, January 25th, 2019
Regain of activities on carbon markets in 2018
In a report published taken up by Politico on January 17th, Refinitiv highlighted a boom in carbon trading, in particular thanks to the growth of traded volumes and prices in both Europe and North America. The good results of the EU-ETS market are also highlighted, showing the reactivity of the investors after the revision of the EU-ETS regulation in February 2018. The price of allowances has thus increased from €8/t to €25/t in less than a year, exceeding by far all the projections. The EU-ETS market reached its highest level since its launch in 2005. In parallel, the European Commission published an update of the free allowances in the framework of the new entrants’ reserve: almost 66% of allowances can still be allocated for free until 2020 for future installations or installations that wished to increase their capacities.
Source: Politico, January 17th, 2019 and European Commission, January 15th, 2019
Plenary session of the European Parliament, February 11th to 14th, Strasbourg

Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), February 7th, in Brussels
Joint hearing on 'The remaining 12 years: EU action towards achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development'.

Working Party on Research, Council of the EU, January 31st, in Brussels:
Continuation of the examination of the Presidency text on Horizon Europe in view of the next trilogue.

Working Party on Environment, Council of the EU, January 31st, February 1st and 5th, in Brussels

Friends of the Presidency Group on the Connecting Europe Facility, Council of the EU, January 31st, in Brussels
Examination of a Presidency draft working paper

Working Party on Transport – Intermodal Questions and Network, February 1st, in Brussels
Debriefing of the 1st trilogue on the Clean Vehicles Directive

Working Party on Energy, Council of the EU, February 5th and 12th, in Brussels

Working Party on Consumer Protection and Information, Council of the EU, February 13th, in Brussels

Trilogue European Parliament / Council of the EU / European Commission, February 4th, in Brussels:
Trilogue on Connecting Europe Facility

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