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UFE/Press review of 07/09/18

The European Commission removed anti-dumping measures against Chinese solar panels
On August 31st, the DG Trade, responsible for the European trade policy, announced the end of the anti-dumping measures against the importations of Chinese solar panels, with the support of a majority of Member states. Introduced in 2013, those measures aimed to protect European solar panels manufacturers against the Chinese competition, deemed unfair. The European association SolarPower Europe estimates that the removal of those protectionist measures could contribute to the creation of 45 000 jobs in the EU.
Source: Euractiv, August 31st, 2018
The energy transition brings opportunities for job creation in French regions
It is the conclusion of two Ademe (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) studies, focusing on the energy transition and jobs at the local level, in the Hauts-de-France and Occitanie regions. In the first region, the agency estimates that the “number of jobs linked to the development of renewable energies would be multiplied by four between 2015 and 2050, with an increase of 7 000 to 31 000 full-time jobs, and a net gain of 22 800 jobs compared to the trend scenario”. For the sector of the buildings’ energy renovation, 9 300 jobs could be created, “with a net gain of 2 800 jobs compared to the trend scenario”. The transport sector could account for the creation of 8 000 jobs, especially in the installation-maintenance of electric charging points. In Occitanie, “the total jobs number in 2050 will be higher than the trend scenario, by nearly 90 000 full-time jobs” in the construction, transport of passengers and services’ sectors.
Source: Environment magazine, September 4th, 2018
François de Rugy wishes to “to join the transformation program"
During an interview to the radio France Inter, the now ex-President of the French Assembly, current Minister of the Ecological and Inclusive Transition (replacing N. Hulot after his resignation), wishes to “make ecology and economy go hand-in-hand” while announcing that he wants to “meet everybody, to listen to their social and economic constraints”. Regarding employment, he wants to promote a “green economy” that creates “hundreds and thousands of jobs in [France]”. Regarding the multiannual energy programming (PPE), he said that he will be able to “present a proposal by the end of October”, including with references of “the share of each energy”. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also announced the same day that the reduction target to 50% of the nuclear share in the electricity mix would be postponed to 2035. The Prime Minister also said, regarding the nomination of François de Rugy to the ministry of the Ecological and Inclusive Transition: “I give François de Rugy the time to look into the files, consult with stakeholders and then make proposals in order to make a final decision”.
Source: France Inter, September 5th, 2018
2017, record year for the low-consumption buildings renovation
The Observatory BBC study on the renovations of Low Consumption Buildings (BBC) shows that, after a decrease in the numbers of operations in 2016, “the upward trend observed since 2013, was confirmed in 2017” and that this last year has, by the way, “registered the highest number of low-consumption renovations” since the creation of the label “BBC-effienergy”. This label aims to identify new buildings or new parts of buildings whose very low energy needs contribute to reach the 2050 targets (factor 4). Between 2016 and 2017, “the number of files has increased by 40%” and the “number of homes undergoing certification has increased from 16 000 to 32 858”. These figures illustrate the energy renovation plan for buildings which aims to achieve 500 000 renovations per year.
Source: AEF, September 5th, 2018
ENTSO-e launched its consultation on the next TYNDP
The European TSOs’ organisation ENTSO-E has published on August 3rd its public consultation on the next Ten-Years Network Development Plan (TYNDP) in order to collect stakeholders’ comments on the proposed scenarios. Covering the time-period 2020-2040, this 2018 plan takes into account the EU decarbonisation target by 2050 and serves as a reference for the projects of common interests. The consultation is open until September 21st.
Source: ENTSO-E, August 3rd, 2018 and Contexte, August 27th, 2018
The think-tank Carbon Tracker forecasts a rise of the carbon price on the EU-ETS market
In a report published on August 21st, the think-tank Carbon Tracker highlights the acceleration of the carbon price on the EU-ETS market, with a forecast of 25€/tCO2 by the end of 2018, 35€/tCO2 in 2019 and 40€/tCO2 between 2020 and 2021. According to the authors of the report, this increase in the CO2 price is mainly explained by the anticipation of the markets regarding the implementation of the market stability reserve, scheduled for January 2019 in the framework of the EU-ETS reform. In conclusion, this report highlights that this price increase would also trigger a shift in the merit order between coal and gas in several European countries, leading to the phase-out of coal-fired power plants.
Source: Euractiv, August 29th, 2018 and Carbon Tracker, August 21st, 2018
European Parliament, Plenary Session, September 10th to 13th, Strasbourg:
- State of the Union speech by Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission (12/09);
- Debate on the ENISA regulation (12/09).

Environment Committee of the European Parliament (ENVI), September 13th, Strasbourg:
- Vote on the opinion draft report on the CEF programme.

Internal Market and Consumers Committee of the European Parliament (IMCO), September 24th, Brussels:
- Consideration of the draft opinion on the Digital Europe Programme;
- Consideration of the draft opinion on the revision of the Injunctions directive.

Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament (TRAN), September 24th, Brussels:
- Adoption of the draft report on the report on infrastructures for alternative fuels in the EU;
- Consideration of the draft opinion on the Digital Europe Programme;
- Consideration of the draft opinion on the Invest EU Programme;
- Consideration of the draft opinion on the European Regional Development Fund and on the Cohesion Fund.

Friends of the Presidency Group on the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), Council of the EU, September 12th, Brussels:
- Examination of articles 1-6 of the CEF programme.

Energy Working Party, Council of the EU, September 13th, Brussels

Environment Working Party, Council of the EU, September 14th, Brussels
-Consideration of the CO2 standards for light-duty vehicles regulation
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