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UFE/Press review of 10/05/17

European programme ELENA strenghtened
The European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) signed on May 2nd a delegated agreement which aims at allocating €30 million more into the ELENA programme, the technical assistance body for European Local Energy projects. This additional fund will be shared between distribution and energy efficiency projects (€20 million) and sustainable mobility (€10 million).
European Commission, 02/05/2017
The European Commission published a report showcasing good practices in energy efficiency
On April 28th, the European Commission published a report presenting good practices on energy efficiency, one of the Commission’s priorities in its “Clean Energy for all Europeans” legislative package. This report is divided in 6 parts: i) cross-cutting measures, ii) buildings, iii) industry, businesses, and services, iv) products, v) right public policy framework, vi) unlocking financing. In this document, the European Commission emphasizes in particular the benefits brought by energy efficiency obligations or alternative energy savings measure, by buildings renovation and by setting a national objective for energy efficiency.
European Commission, 28/02/2017
American justice gives President Trump the opportunity to modify Obama’s Clean Power Plan
On April 28th, U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. decided to put the lawsuit challenging Obama’s Clean Energy Plan on hold for 60 days. If the court did not decide whether the Clean Power Plan is in line with US law, this time lapse will enable President Trump to amend this Plan before the appeal resumption. D. Trump’s staff announced that the American president will provide its positioning on the Paris agreement by the end of May.
Contexte, 02/05/2017
March 2017: New record in wind energy generation
Wind energy generation was particularly important in March: : according to the French transmission system operator RTE, wind generation reached a new monthly record by meeting more than 18.2% of electricity consumption needs “thanks to good wind conditions as well as an increasing installed base”. Whereas electricity generation from fossil fuels has been increasing from the beginning of winter (because of nuclear safety issues during a cold winter), renewable energy generation (except hydroelectricity) increased in March (+17.7% compared to March 2016), which limits fossil fuel use. Finally, mild temperatures have led to a consumption drop by -9.4% compared to the same period last year. Indeed, “March 2017 was the hottest month of March at least since 1900” RTE stressed. Therefore, electricity exports also reached a record with more than 19GW (capacity-equivalent of 17 nuclear reactor) exported on March 30th at 19:30., 02/05/2017
The European Commission launched a €800M-call for proposals for cross-border energy infrastructures
Within the framework of its funding instrument “Connecting Europe Facility”, the European Commission opened from April 26th to October 12th, 2017 a €800M-call for proposals for funding gas and electricity infrastructures. To be eligible, projects must be designated Projects of Common Interest (PCI), improve the security of supply and contribute to sustainable development and protection of the environment. Projects will be evaluated depending on several criteria, such as the state of maturity, their cross-border dimension, and the extent to which they will remove bottlenecks to energy flow and foster energy exchanges between EU countries.
European Commission, 26/04/2017
Towards a more social Europe
The European Commission published on April 26th several documents to implement a European Pillar of Social Rights. Firstly, the European Commission proposed a recommendation listing 20 key principles and rights to build its social pillar, which will be discussed during the Social Summit on November 17th in Sweden. This initiative also includes a Directive proposal on work-life balance which aims at guaranteeing access to paternity leave, careers’ leave and the development of rights for flexible working arrangements. Finally, a reflection paper on the social dimension of Europe presents 3 scenarii for the future of social Europe.
European Commission, 26/04/2017

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