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UFE/Press review of 27/04/17

Recycling solar panels: a key emerging market in France
French people are always keener on solar energy, but what about outdated photovoltaic panels ? From now on, there will be opportunities to recycle them in Rousset in the Bouche-du-Rhône region, where Veolia and PV Cycle France will set up the first French specialised structure by the end of the year. Out-of-use panels will be repurposed: 1400 tons of materials will be treated within 4 years. A yearly increase of 40% in material recycled from panels is expected until 2021. As a reminder, 55 000 tons of photovoltaic panels (composed at 75% from glass) are installed every year in France.
La Tribune, April 19th 2017
Eurelectric promotes the electrification of transports and heating and cooling
In its study on electrification released on April 19th, Eurelectric reminds that electrification of the transport, heating and cooling sectors appears as the most efficient solution to decarbonize the European economy. To accelerate this process, the European association of the electricity sector proposes 5 key actions among which the strengthening of the ETS market, the decrease of the tax-burden in the sector and the promotion of flexibility in the market. Moreover, Eurelectric recalls that the roll-out of smart recharging stations will help in improving the flexibility of the all electricity system.
Euractiv and Eurelectric, April 18th
Engie is investing in the Chinese photovoltaic industry
In a press release published on April 18th, Engie announced the purchase of 30% in the capital of the Chinese company Unisun specialised in the production of photovoltaic energy. In this agreement, Engie will especially help in developing the business activity of this fast rapid-growing company. Indeed, Unison has currently 500MW of photovoltaic capacity around the world and aims at installing 4GW of photovoltaic capacity in China by 2020.
Enerpresse, April 20th
In Germany, electricity is more taxed than fossil fuels
In a study published on April 10th, the think tank Agora Energiewende points out the unequal repartition of energy taxes in Germany. According to the study, electricity is charged 18.7 cents per kW.H, against 7.3 for oil, 4.7 for diesel, 2.2 for gas and 0.6 for heating oil. In order to finance the energy transition, the study recommends to better allocate charges among the different energy sources, or to lighten the taxes charged in the electricity sector through greater state intervention.
Contexte, April 11th
The United States refused to communicate on climate during the G7
During the G7 organised in Rome on April 9-10, the American government expressed deep reservations regarding the elaboration of a joint statement to remind the commitment of G7-countries in the implementation of the Paris agreement. The US government announced it will clarify its position regarding the Paris agreement by the end of May. However, broad agreements were reached on other issues such as the end of subsidies for fossil fuels.
AFP, April 10th

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