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UFE/Press review of 07/04/17

In France, a driver would save 800€/year in energy by switching from thermal to electric vehicles
The shift from thermal to electric would enable French drivers to save 70% of their energy bill, a NewMotion (European smart charging solutions provider) study concludes. The study is based on the energy costs of a Renault Clio (O.9 TCE) and a Renault Zoé. “Whilst EVs are more expensive to buy and may require an additional investment for home charging, charge costs are considerably lower as are maintenance costs, insurance, taxes and many EV drivers benefit from government subsidies” underlines NewMotion.
La Tribune, April 5th 2017
EIB will finance the Nordlink interconnection
On April 3rd, the European Investment Bank granted a €350 million loan to Tennet, the Dutch transmission system operator, in order to finance part of the Nordlink interconnection between Germany and Norway. The new 624km-line will pass through North Sea and have a capacity of1400 MW. The line, whose construction began in September 2016, should be functional from 2020 onwards. The interconnection project is managed by the Norwegian transmission system operator (Statnett) and DC Nordseekabel, a society held both by Tennet and the German public bank KfW.
Enerpresse, April 6th 2017
National electricity associations commit not to build coal plants anymore
During a press conference held in Brussels on April 5th, the European federation of electricity Eurelectric, announced the commitment of the European electricity sector, except from the Polish and Greek associations, to stop building coal plants after 2020. The European association underlined its commitment to provide carbon neutral supply by 2050, while ensuring a reliable electricity supply at a competitive price. Eurelectric also released its positions papers on the Clean Energy Package the same day.
The Guardian and Eurelectric, April 5th 2017
The Commission launches a public consultation on energy infrastructure projects
On April 4th, the European Commission opened a public consultation to assess energy infrastructure projects (oil and smart grids projects) within the selection framework of Projects of Common Interest (PCIs). To receive PCI status, and thus benefit from accelerated permit granting, improved regulatory conditions and eligibility to the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) fund, a project must contribute to completing the EU’s internal energy market, while reaching the EU's energy policy objectives of affordable, secure and sustainable energy. This public consultation, open until June 26th 2017, forms part of the 3rd selection process, as 2 lists of projects were adopted in 2013 and in 2015.
European Commission, April 4th 2017
Connected devices : the energy sector remains very popular in France
According to an Opinion Way study published on March 22nd, French people better consider connected devices: the 2017 study assesses that 45% of the French perceive the Internet of things as much a revolution “as the Internet was”, 10 points higher than last year. More than half of the French say that they possess a connected device (compared to 35% last year), and 40% of those stated that these devices help them in controlling their consumption, particularly in energy.
LSA Conso, March 22nd 2017
Rapporteur José BLANCO LOPEZ calls for ambitious renewable binding targets
During the third European Energy Summit held in Brussels on March 28th, José BLANCO LOPEZ (S&D, ES) reiterated his position on the Renewable Energy Directive, which he considers “insufficiently ambitious”. He supports a 35% renewable target “for every Member State”, and intends to increase the level of ambition for the transport sector. He also plans on proposing a special “positive discrimination” regime for self-consumption and self-generation that would therefore contribute to the emergence of the new mode of production. Regarding governance, Blanco Lopez called in the ITRE Committee for binding targets at national level.
Contexte, March 29th 2017

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