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UFE/Press review of 24/03/17

Conclusive test for Alstom’s hydrogen train
Alstom announced on March 14th that its hydrogen train Coradia iLint successfully run, for the first time, at 80km/h on Salzgitter’s test track in Germany. The test campaign without passengers is expected to last several months more between Germany and Czech Republic, Coralia iLint will then drive passengers from 2018 onwards. The train is supplied by fuel cells charged in the station, which generate electricity to put the train in motion. This new technology offers flexibility through energy storage in the cells and consumes traction power smartly depending on the level of energy left.
Enerpresse, March 20th 2017
Manifesto to decarbonise the European Union
The think tank The Shift Project released on March 21st its manifesto to decarbonise Europe, which has already been signed by 80 executives of large-sized companies in France. This manifesto which have had much visibility in the French press (Les Echos, L’Opignon, Le Figaro, Challenges), comprises 9 proposals for the runners of the presidential election, among which the closure of coal power plants, the renovation of old buildings, or the transition towards a more sustainable agriculture.
AEF, March 21st 2017
Intergovernmental agreement bound to comply with European energy law of energy
On Thursday 23 March, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union voted new rules to ensure the compliance between intergovernmental agreements and the European law related to the energy sector. From now on, whenever a Member State aims at signing an intergovernmental agreement concerning the energy sector, it shall consult the European Commission in advance so as to make sure that the agreement is compliant with the rules of the energy single market.
European Commission, March 21st 2017
EDSO takes position on the Winter Package
In its position paper published on March 14th, EDSO for Smart Grids welcomes the implementation of the new “EU entity” for distribution system operators (DSO) and supports a deeper cooperation between DSO and TSO at European level. EDSO for Smart Grids also underlines that DSO should be able to deploy and operate own storage facilities so as to improve the flexibility of the grid. Moreover, the association asks the Commission to clarify the roles of new market entities. Finally, EDSO contests the harmonization of distribution tariffs and recommends a case by case approach.
Context, March 15th 2017

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