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UFE/Press review of 15/12/17

Eurelectric presents its new vision to accelerate the energy transition
On December 6th, the European association for the electricity sector EURELECTRIC presented a new vision for the European electricity industry, which aims at accelerating the energy transition in Europe. Industry leaders are committed to investing more in clean energy production and transition solutions, and move towards a competitive and “carbon-neutral [energy mix in the EU] well before mid-century". They also announced incentives to accelerate the electrification of the heating & cooling, transport and industry sectors to reduce CO2 emissions in these areas. To implement these resolutions, the European electricity sector calls on policy makers to strengthen the carbon market and provide financial measures to socially and geographically support the transition. They also call for the emergence of price signals to attract investment, and promote digitisation and demand response in order to strengthen the resilience of the electricity system.
Source: PR Eurelectric, December 6th and AEF, December 8th
ITRE and ENVI committees adopted the draft report on the Governance of the Energy Union
On December 7th, MEPs of the ITRE and ENVI committees adopted the draft report on the Governance of the Energy Union with 61 votes in favour, 46 against and 9 abstentions. Almost all the compromise amendments tabled by a coalition gathering the S&D, Greens, ALDE, GUE/NGL and EFDD groups were adopted. MEPs strengthened the governance framework, including a linear trajectory at national level for renewables and energy efficiency, with reference points every two years. MEPs also voted in favour of updating integrated national plans every five years, with new reporting obligations on energy poverty. The Greens co-rapporteurs, C. Turmes (LU) and M. Rivasi (FR), declared they wanted to convince the EPP and ECR groups to vote in favour of the report, working on a potential new compromise in December ahead of the vote in plenary session in January 2018.
Source: Contexte, December 8th and European Parliament, December 7th and 8th
Electricity, the star of the Mobility Forum “Assises de la mobilité”
At the closing of the Mobility Forum “Assises de la mobilité”, proposals were published to "speed up the renewal of the existing fleet of vehicles". They will feed the debate of the upcoming blueprint law for mobility, which will be presented by Minister for Transports Elisabeth Borne, in 2018. Speeding up of the development of electromobility is one of the proposals. This should be enabled by facilitating the deployment of a charging points’ network, making pre-equipment for the installation of charging points in parking slots mandatory, defining a framework to guarantee the sustainability of the battery raw material supply chains... In its press release, UFE welcomed "the quality of the debates and synthesis work" and stressed that "the electricity system is able to absorb the development of electromobility".
Source: UFE’s Press release, December 13th and 14th
EDF launches its Solar Plan to produce 30 GW of solar energy in France by 2035
During a press conference on December 11th, the CEO of EDF, Jean-Bernard Lévy, announced the launch of the company’s Solar Plan. "This Solar Plan is of unprecedented scope and is a turning point in EDF’s development in the field of solar energy. It reflects the acceleration of our ambition as set out in “CAP 2030 strategy” of the company, launched in 2015, which aims at doubling the Group's installed renewables capacity by 2030. Today, EDF is drawing a new frontier for the next fifteen years" he declared.
Source: EDF’s Press release, December 11th
“One planet summit”: states and stakeholders gathered to find solutions for financing the fight against climate change
On December 12th, the "One Planet Summit" was held in Boulogne-Billancourt, co-organised by the French Presidency, the United Nations and the World Bank to revitalize the momentum of the Paris agreement, two years after its signature. Focused on financing the fight against climate change, the event brought together many Heads of State and Ministers (127 countries represented in total), representatives of cities and companies who affirmed or re-affirmed their commitment to protecting the environment. The definition of a carbon price compatible with the Paris agreement is one of the twelve international commitments published. Several European States, including France, have made a commitment to "examine the possibility to set up a significant carbon price, and for some of them, to actually implement it in the relevant sectors". Thirty-three countries have pledged to publish, by 2020 at the latest, a carbon neutrality trajectory by 2050, while OECD countries have stated that all their budgets must clearly show an ecological and climate dimension.
Source: Contexte, December 13th and AEF, December 12th and 13th
The European Commission launched a platform to support coal regions in energy transition
On December 11th, the European Commission launched a platform to support coal regions and help them develop "long-term projects and strategies to engage in the energy transition and address environmental and social challenges". 41 coal mining regions in 12 Member States identified by the Commission are concerned by the platform. The platform will enable participants to share best practices and strengthen partnerships between national, regional and local levels. Slovakia, Poland and Greece have already benefited from pilot projects in the second half of 2017 and will be able to share their experience within the platform. Priority is given to projects focusing on "social equity, structural transformation, new skills and financing for the real economy" in order to safeguard economic growth and jobs in these regions.
Source: European Commission’s PR, December 11th and Enerpresse, December 13th
January 1st, 2018 – July 31st, 2018
- Beginning of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union
Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee of the European Parliament, January 8th

- Vote on the initiative report on Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation

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