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UFE/Press review of 10/02/17

Interconnexion target for 2030: a report will be published this summer
The Commission expert group on interconnection targets will publish a report on the 15%-target for 2030, a policy officer from the Directorate-General on Energy (ENER) said. It should suggest finer guidance on how to break down this objective into national, regional and/or border interconnection targets. Those results are likely to be continued by the Council.
Contexte, February 2nd
Bi-monthly exchanges between national experts on the Clean Energy Package
Contexte revealed that, under the Maltese presidency, experts from the Permanent Representations will meet every 2 weeks to discuss the most controversial issues of the Clean Energy Package These meetings will help to prepare the work programme for the next rotating Council presidency held by Estonia.
Contexte, February 8th
Germans supportive of dynamic pricing
In a survey published by the German association Bitkom on February 6th, 76% of the consumers expressed their interest in dynamic pricing for electricity and 62% would be ready to subscribe. There are various reasons: 58% think it could be a great opportunity to promote the development of renewable energy, 57% want to reduce their electricity bill, and 39% believe such billing procedure is fairer. The same survey also shows that the German consumers wish their electronic devices could adjust their consumption to price levels.
Contexte, February 8th
The European Commission proposes to remove gradually anti-dumping measures against Chinese power panels
On February 8th, the European Commission extended anti-dumping measures adopted against China for 18 months more, but expressed its intention to remove them gradually. If Solar Power Europe is concerned about what is really meant under this gradual approach, this European softening would meet the wish of the Member States, even though the European Commission forecasts that industrial dumping from China should persist.
Contexte February 9th and Politico February 8th

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