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UFE/Press review of 30/01/17

The Commission published a new guidance to implement individual metering and billing in buildings with multiple residents
On January the 23rd, the European Commission published guidelines to implement the Energy Efficiency Directive. Besides reminding the provisions related to individual metering, this guide aims particularly at helping national authorities and building owners on how to determine which buildings can be exempt from the requirement for sub-metering. This new publication is a refined and more precise version of an older report published by the European Commission in June 2016.
European Commission, January 23rd 2017
The ETS had limited impact on the emissions of the electricity sector, according to Agora Energiewende and Sandbag
According to the report published by the think tanks Agora Energiewende and Sandbag on the state of the European electric sector in 2016, published on January 25th, greenhouse gas emissions dropped only by 4,5% in 2016. The report underlines that this drop is mainly explained by the decrease in gas prices during the second semester of 2016, which leaded to a shift from coal to gas. However, the analysis denounces the inefficiency of the carbon market, which structural allowance surplus overstepped 3 billion tons for the first time. Moreover, the share of renewable in the electric production increased only by 0.4%. The report is more optimistic for 2017.
Sandbag, January 27th 2017 and Contexte, January 25th
Energy winter package: the political groups allocated the reports
During a meeting held on January 12nd, coordinators of the ITRE Commission decided on the allocation of the different reports about ”Clean Energy Package” proposals. The EPP will take care of the reports related to the directive and the regulation on the market design as well as the directive on energy performance of buildings. The S&D will be in charge of the reports on the revised Renewable Energy Directive, the revised Energy Efficiency Directive and the Risk-Preparedness Regulation. Finally, the Liberals (ALDE) will prepare the report on the revised regulation of the Acer and the Greens will present the report related to the Regulation on the governance of the Energy Union.
Contexte, January the 13rd
The Commission will exclude the aviation sector from the ETS until 2020, according to Contexte
According to contents published in Contexte on January 25th, the European Commission will officially put proposals on the table on February the 3rd aiming at adapting the European Trading System (EU ETS) to the aviation sector. In attempt to give enough time to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to implement a market mechanism for the reunion of emissions in the sector, as adopted in October 2016, the European Commission would maintain international flights out of the ETS until 2020.
Contexte, January 25th

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