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UFE/Press review of 13/01/17

Spanish renewable’s share overcomes coal’s
On December 30th, the Spanish TSO “Red Eléctrica” published statistics about Spanich electricity generation. Those pointed out for the first time in Spain that the electricity share produced by RES is larger the one generated from coal. While the electricity share produced from coal dropped from 20,3% in 2015 to 14,3%, the share of hydroelectricity increased (from 11% to 14,6%) and the share of wind electricity remained stable (19%).
Enerpresse, January 3rd 2017
Nearly half German consumers plan to buy electric vehicles
In its latest study dedicated to electrification and electric vehicles published in January, the consulting group McKinsey underlines the growing demand for electric vehicles in Germany and in the USA. This study reveals that 44% of German acquirers consider buying an electric vehicle (29% in the USA). The report also states that it would be in the producers’ interest to better inform their clients on electrical vehicles.
Contexte, January the 5th 2017 du 05/01/2017
The EIA forecasts a maximum increase of 5% in the US energy consumption by 2040
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) published on January 5th a report revealing forecasts on the American energy consumption. According to its reference scenario, energy consumption in the US should not increase by more than 5% by 2040, while production would increase by 20%. The organisation also predicts a drop in CO2 emissions due to energy production and consumption in all its scenarii.
Enerpresse January the 11st 2017

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