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UFE/Press review of 26/09/16

Isabelle Kocher presented Engie’s radical changes
In an interview published by Le Monde, the CEO of ENGIE provided detailed information on the profound mutations of Engie, which will contribute to the energy transition in line with the spirit of COP21. Three main activities of the group will be impacted: first, generation from coal and oil will be streamlined; second, investments in electricity generation from large power plants will be reallocated at the benefit of decentralized solutions; and third, Engie group will invest more specifically in renewable energy and gas grids so as to compensate the intermittent supply of renewable energy. At the European level, Engie group will call for a strong carbon price, necessary for highly CO2-emitting power plants to be penalized. Ms. Kocher also called for public authorities to create a ‘financial ecosystem’ supporting start-ups and thus encouraging the development of European technologies.
Le Monde, 23/09/2016
What role should the transport sector play in the fight against climate change?
Climate Action Tracker (TAC), an American science-based assessment gathering four research institutes specialized in climate change, recently compared two possible scenarios applied to the transport sector in order to contain temperature increase. According to TAC, zero-emission vehicles would need to take over the car market by 2035, and this transformation would have to be accompanied by the decarbonization of the energy sector, thus ensuring the carbon neutrality of electric vehicles. Another way is possible: « governments were to double fuel economy standards in new passenger cars by 2030, and achieve a 50% EV uptake by 2050, then most get close to—or even reach—a 2°C warming pathway. »
Actu Environnement, 16/09/2016
Gerban-Jan Gerbrandy was appointed EP rapporteur for the Effort Sharing Decision
Member of the European Parliament Gerban-Jan Gerbrandy (ALDE, NL) was appointed rapporteur in the Environment Committee of the European Parliament regarding the European Commission proposal of a new Effort Sharing Decision for the non-ETS sectors (2021-2030). The ENVI Committee is leading on this file.
Contexte, 21/09/2016
DSOs and TSOs published a common report on data management
The four European associations representing distribution system operators (DSOs) CEDEC, EDSO, EURELECTRIC and GEODE, as well as the European association ENTSO-E representing transmission system operators (TSOs) presented on September 19th their report on data management. The stakeholders presented a shared vision on the roles and needs linked to data, sharing in this document common approaches concerning data models, access and data collection rules. The report underlines that an efficient cooperation between DSOs and TSOs is key to ensure an efficient and sustainable system whilst contributing to market integration.
Contexte, 20/09/2016
WEC presented its policy recommendations on intermittent RES integration
Ahead of its 23rd world congress to be held in Istanbul (10-13 October), the World Energy Council (WEC) published last September 20th a report analyzing the integration of intermittent renewable energies and pushing forward policy and technology recommendations. The Council notably stressed the need to adjust existing market designs by inter alia aggregating bids of different plants in the market. Besides, capacity mechanisms can help ensuring security of supply considering the limits of energy-only markets in ensuring sufficient supply in systems largely based on renewable energies. Regarding technology, the Council underlines the need for TSOs and DSOs to further cooperate, the necessity to optimize flexibility by improving operating procedures and to enhance weather forecasts, in order to facilitate renewable energy integration.
Enerpresse, 22/09/2016

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