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UFE/Press review of 12/09/16

FRANCE will become first country to issue green bonds
The Ministries of Environment and Economy announced on September 2nd that France will issue as of 2017 it first « green bond », with the objective to raise €3 billions per year. This initiative will contribute to financing projects under the « third future investment program », with 60% of such financing being allocated to projects contributing to green growth and more connected economy.
Les Echos, 02/09/2016
RES represent a quarter of electricity consumption in France at Q2 2016
According to the French renewable energy trade union Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables, renewable energies represented 26% of the French electricity consumption the second quarter of this year. This performance is to be explained by an « exceptional » hydro generation, which provided energy for 18% of the electricity consumption, with stable generation capacity. Besides, grid connection has significantly increased with 728 new megawatts being added.
Actu-environnement, 08/09/2016
ENVI Committee supports the ratification of the Paris Agreement
Environment Committee Members of the European Parliament voted on September 8th in favor of the ratification by the EP of the Paris Agreement on behalf of the European Union, with 47 votes in favor and one against. It is now up to the Council to find an agreement and move forward in the ratification process before the European Parliament may vote in plenary. The ENVI Committee also adopted on the same day a resolution on the forthcoming COP22 in Marrakesh (Nov. 7-18), calling for a proactive role of the EU, more ambitious 2030 energy and climate targets and for all Member States, including the United Kingdom, to maintain their participation in the European Emission Trading System.
European Parliament and Contexte, 08/09/2016
Stocktaking of the Energy Transition Law
Minister of the Environment, Energy and the Seas S. Royal presented at the Press conference held on September 6th the latest developments of the French Energy Transition Law: 87 application decrees have been published out of 103. The 16 remaining decrees are either examined by the highest administrative court Conseil d’Etat, or under « consultation ». With regard to the Pluriannual Environmental Planning (PPE), it will be « published in a month », one year after the beginning of the consultations.
Contexte, 07/09/2016

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