• What to expect for the electricity industry in 2017?

    Such exercise in the first days of the year is never an easy task. Obviously, one cannot anticipate the “surprises” that will come up, but it is still possible to identify some of the major economic trends and debates that will shape 2017 for the electricity actors.

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  • For Christmas, let us be eco-friendly!

    Decreasing our energy consumption matters for several reasons: it contributes to fighting against climate change, improving France’s energy independence and lower the energy bill at the individual level! Some energy efficiency measures require important investments (wall insulation, change of heating systems, etc.) that may hold back the development of energy efficiency. Yet, there are several ways to make savings on our energy bills only by changing some of our habits: let us be eco-friendly!

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  • « Clean Energy Package », the Energy Union leaves mixed feelings

    We were informed that 2016 would be “the year of delivery for the Energy Union”. Named “A Clean Energy for All Europeans”, this set of legislative proposal pursues three ambitions: to make Europe a global industrial leader of the energy transition, to honour the European 2030 energy and climate objectives as well as the Paris Agreement, and to adapt the market design to the new energy system, whilst promoting renewables and prosumers. Though ambitious, this legislative package has not fully lived up to its promises yet…

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  • Carbon market, can Europe be lagging behind?

    Whereas COP22 closed last November 18th without major announcements, the Environment Committee of the European Parliament will closely look at the reform of the European Emission Trading System (EU ETS) on December 8th: a market weakened by a significant surplus of allowances, and which has already been subject to prior improvements. Yet, the ETS remains the tool supposed to encourage CO2 emissions reduction at the European level whilst triggering investments and innovation in clean technologies. At a time when the carbon price is, and has been for the past few years, ridiculously low, some voices are calling for the end of the ETS. The electricity sector cannot support such a step back in Europe’s climate action, and calls instead for giving the ETS a last chance.

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  • Wholesale electricity prices, the end of the downward spiral?

    Since 2008, wholesale electricity prices have drastically fallen in Europe. The recent rise observed in mid-September is a positive step that still cannot be seen as the return to an economically viable situation. As far as France is concerned, setting a unilateral tax only targeting coal in this context was not suitable...

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  • Ratification of the Paris Agreement : What Happens Next?

    After some delay, the European Union eventually deposited its ratification instrument with the Secretary General last October 7th, thus bringing the number of signatories of the Paris Agreement, on that day, to 72 representing 56,75% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Far from being at the forefront, the EU was very close to see Indonesia and other countries ratifying the text before, thus potentially leading to the entry into force of the Agreement…without the EU!

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  • Energy saving certificates: the uncertainty remains!

    Whilst the French government launched a few days ago a consultation on Phase IV of the Energy Saving Certificates (Certificats d’Economie d’Energie in French), energy suppliers remain particularly concerned considering the lack of visibility on the changes foreseen for the ongoing third phase.

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  • UFE Annual Conference: Preparing the world of tomorrow

    In a few weeks, on November 3rd will be held UFE’s annual conference. This year, it will take place at the very end of the five-year presidency paved, for the electricity sector, by the energy transition law and the PPE (Pluriannual environmental planning), as well as the new regulation on decentralisation, and for the first time, a new digital law. Gathering more than 30 high-level experts, the conference will address the intrinsic connection between energy transition and the changes stemming from the digital revolution, focusing on its impact from the local to the European level…

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