• Low-carbon mobility: What coherence between the french mobility orientation bill and the european "clean mobility" package ?

    Today, greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector account for almost a quarter of European emissions. At the local level, air pollution, a problem that European cities are increasingly tackling, is responsible for 400,000 premature deaths per year[1]. Some other health consequences due to the transport sector, such as noise, are also often neglected[2]. Now more than ever, Europe must resolve this triple equation in order to reconcile mobility and environment when revising the Transport Regulations and Directives. At the same time, in France, the Mobility Forum (“Assises de la Mobilité”) has given way to the preparation of the Framework Bill on Mobility. As national and European issues are similar, solutions must complement each other. That is why national and European legislative work must therefore be carried out simultaneously in a spirit of integration.

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  • Market Design : last chance for the European Parliament !

    While the first trilogues on the Renewable Energy and the Energy Efficiency Directives, as well as the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union will start this week, the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee will adopt on February, 21st their position on the new electricity market design. The outcome of this vote is crucial: capacity mechanisms, short-term market reforms and consumer participation are at the core of the proposals on the table. However, despite the concerns raised by several delegations, some compromised amendments tabled by the rapporteur, Krisjanis Karins, put at risk the ability for Member States to guarantee the security of supply in Europe. UFE takes stock of the stakes for this vote and stresses the importance of extending the debate in the European Parliament...

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  • Renewable energy: electricity takes the sector forward

    Clean Energy Package, Pluriennial energy programming (PPE), Low-Carbon Strategy (SNCB), Law for a society of trust… Numerous are the work areas for the electricity system in the beginning of this year, with key challenges at to address : the development of renewable energy, the adaptation of networks but also discussions on financing, acceptability at the local level, simplification…
    France has set an ambitious target for renewable energy development by 2020 (23% of its gross final energy consumption produced from renewable energy). At the end of 2017 (3 years before the completion date), the share of renewable energy amounted for only 15.7%. But those numbers hide very different situations depending on the renewable sectors.

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  • Clean Energy Package: the European Parliament wants more!

    Discussions on the Clean Energy Package reached a new stage. After the agreement found by Member States on four texts of the legislative package during the Energy Council on December 18th, MEPs also adopted their positions on the Energy Efficiency Directive, the Renewable Energy Directive and the Energy Union Governance Regulation, and gave rapporteurs a mandate to start interinstitutional negotiations with the Council. The call of the European Parliament is clear: sectorial energy objectives should be more ambitious. On the eve of trilogues on the Clean Energy Package, UFE summarized the positions of the European institutions and recalls the importance of the electricity market reform, a key file still in discussion at the European Parliament.

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  • What will 2018 look like for the energy sector?

    The energy agenda for 2018 will probably focus on the revision of the French Low-Carbon Strategy (SNCB) and the plurennial energy programming (PPE), but also the implementation of the “Green New Deal” and the ecological transition contracts (CTE) announced by Nicolas Hulot, Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition. At the European level, the Clean Energy Package will be on the home stretch. UFE takes the opportunity to present the key subjects that will matter most for the electricity sector.

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  • UFE’s Annual Conference: highlights of an exceptional day

    An exceptional year, an exceptional conference. 2017 was the year of political change in France, but also the one of future projects where the role of electricity will prove to be strategic: Pluriannual Environmental Planning, Mobility Forum “Assises de la Mobilité”, Conference of the Territories, Clean Energy Package... On December 5th, UFE’s Annual Conference, which received the High Patronage of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, tackled all these issues. With an audience of nearly 500 people, 36 high-level speakers from various backgrounds shared their vision of tomorrow’s world and their analysis of the challenges to face when t comes to the concrete implementation of the energy transition, change management, artificial intelligence, the role of territories in the increasing decentralization of energy management, digital transformation and cyber-security...

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  • Climate leadership: the European Union must now turn words into tangible actions

    The COP 23 UN Climate Change Conference that took place in Bonn from November 6th to 17th ended last Friday. There was neither major decision nor announcement to be expected from a COP mostly dedicated to preparing 2018 and the COP 24. Following the announcement that the United States would withdraw from the Paris agreement, the European Union, especially the Franco-German couple, wished to show their voluntarism to fight against climate change. UFE takes this opportunity to present the state of play of the Union’s climate policies.

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  • Self-consumption: evolution or society revolution, it is above all a question of anticipation!

    Since September 12th, the Regulatory Commission of Energy (CRE, the French national regulatory authority) has initiated a consultation cycle dedicated to electricity self-consumption. Following several meetings and workshops, CRE published, on the website autoconsommation.cre.fr , a first call for contribution on this same topic. This topic, at the centre of UFE’s strategic priorities, gathers producers and network system operators, as it is crucial for all of them to anticipate the impact of those evolutions on the ways to consume and produce electricity.

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    It would be stating the obvious to say that the world is undergoing major transformations with the digital revolution and the energy transition. In our sector, consumption habits are changing; generation means are evolving and the whole customer relation is being transformed. UFE’S annual conference will take place on December 5th, under the high-patronage of Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic: do not miss three face-to-face discussions, with the best experts, on the key issues of innovation, decentralisation and cybersecurity!

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