• UFE’s Annual Conference: France who wins!

    This November 29th, UFE will organise its big annual conference. As last year, it will be under the High-Patronage of Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic. The day will be entirely dedicated to the theme of cooperation as a lever for value creation and accelerator of innovations. Regions, individual or industrial consumers; all these actors have taken part in a larger dynamic of broad information sharing, decompartmentalization of approaches and solutions, therefore contributing to implementing concretely a higher energy and environmental efficiency at a lower cost. Already today, and even more tomorrow, the world becomes more horizontal. Whatever sector of activity we represent, we are all concerned by these new expectations.
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  • Protecting the biodiversity, it is in the DNA of the French electricity system!

    The last international reports from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) sent out alarm signals: biodiversity continues to decline across the world, under the pressure of human activity. It is thus the occasion to stress the role electricity can play for a sustainable energy approach and to look at progress that remains to be accomplished.

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  • Eurelectric 2018 Annual Convention: "4 Ds" at the heart of the Power Sector Summit in Ljubljana

    On June 3rd and 4th, representatives of the European electricity industry met in the Slovenian capital for Eurelectric’s Annual Convention. The debates focused on the sector’s prospective challenges, the so-called "4Ds": decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization and democratization. This Convention was the opportunity for Eurelectric to unveil the results of its study on pathways to decarbonise the whole European economy by 2050.

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  • ‘2040 Objective’: En route to the end of diesel and gasoline vehicle sales

    On July 6th, 2017, Nicolas Hulot, Minister for Ecological and Inclusive Transition, unveiled the Government’s Climate Plan commissioned by the President of the French Republic. To meet the ambition of the Paris agreement, and considering the importance of CO2 emissions from the transport sector in France [1], this Climate Plan makes clean mobility accessible to all one of the major levers for the success of the decarbonisation of the French economy, by aiming to put an end to the sale of vehicles emitting greenhouse gases by 2040.

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  • Save the date: UFE’s Annual Conference will take place on November 29th

    Save the date! As every year, UFE will welcome prominent public figures from the economic, industrial, political and media spheres on the occasion of its annual conference. November 29th will be the opportunity to discuss the state of play of the Clean Energy Package, before its final adoption in 2019. After two years of marathon negotiations, it will be time, indeed, to look concretely at the implications of the whole package for the energy sector.
    The annual conference will also highlight two sectors at the heart of major energy and digital transformations: building and mobility. See you on June 4th to discover the program of the annual conference.
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  • Carbon price floor: for a coordinated floor price at the European regional level

    While the CO2 emissions are increasing again across Europe, Emmanuel Macron seized the topic and just recalled, at the European Parliament last week, that it is essential to reopen the debate on a carbon price floor in Europe. If today the CO2 price on the EU-ETS market has risen above €10/tCO2, it is however still a far too weak economic signal in the light of the EU’s climate ambitions. The option of a carbon price floor is thus a necessary instrument to give stakeholders visibility and to boost efforts in terms of transformation in favour of a less emitting economy…

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  • Public Debate about the Plurennial Energy Programming (PPE): a societal debate

    Diversity is a guarantee of performance. Integrating various profiles in a debate of ideas remains always constructive as long as it implies listening, respect and takes into account the difficult and just balance between the reality principle, and current and future technological disruptions. Opened for a few days, the Public Debate on the Plurennial Energy Programming (PPE) will have to answer to this complex dynamic…

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  • When the Balkans remind us of the complexity of the electricity system

    We turn the light on, we work on our computers or on an assembly line, and we plug in our mobile phones… Electricity is behind each of these daily actions. Even if the availability of electricity seems today natural, it is however a long-term work that depends on the constant attention of all actors of the electricity system, and in the first place, of system operators, unknown guarantors of the security of supply.

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