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Did you know? UFE meets French regions – Zoom on the Hauts-de-France region

Zoom on Aquanord, an aquaculture farm, whose hot water supply comes from the Gravelines power plant
Following a convention between the Gravelines nuclear power plant and the aquaculture farm Aquanord, a part of the hot water discharged by the generation site is used free of charge, by the fish farming company to raise sea breams and bass. The water, stemming from the non-nuclear part of the installations, comes from a cooling system: initially pumped from the sea, it cools down the system containing steam, warming it by about 10 degrees. When released into the sea, the difference in temperature is only 3 or 4 degrees. Thus, Aquanord benefits from a regulated temperature for its fishes, thanks to the operation of at least two reactors!
Source: EDF “The power plant’s team visit Aquacole farm”, May 26th, 2017

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