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DID YOU KNOW? The Non Interconnected Areas (NIA) are a technological innovation opportunity

The French electricity system is often considered as well interconnected but it should not be forgotten that some parts of our territory are still remaining unconnected to the continental network. Designed as “Non Interconnected Areas” or “small isolated networks” those electric systems are characterized by different features than the continental network, such as small installations or costly productive assets. Nowadays, those areas are less dependent on fossil fuels thanks to energy transition targets. The French Energy Transition Law has indeed set for them more ambitious targets than to the continental territory: the energy autonomy by 2030 with a 50% RES intermediate target by 2020. Nonetheless, with their higher production costs coupled with the smaller scale of their electric system, the NIA are made for technologic innovation: new technologies of demand response and aggregation are quickly cost-effective there. Moreover, it is easier to study the consequences of those new technologies on the system.
Source : Briefing OIE « La Transition énergétique et les caractéristiques des ZNI»

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