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Did you know? TEPOS, substantial drivers for the development of sustainable mobility

A Positive Energy Territory (called TEPOS in France) is a territory which is committed to promote energy self-sufficiency within its area. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the state of affairs (energy consumption, identification of the potential for the development of low-carbon resources, and assessment of greenhouse gas emissions), targets are set for the territory according to its priorities and its assets. Many options exist, such as deploying renewable energy, enhancing energy efficiency actions, promoting efficient and low-carbon realisations, while ensuring that electricity is provided continuously, with the same quality of services, and without discrimination access. Some of these territories are actually considered as places of excellence regarding the energy transition: indeed, the energy ministry rewards them with the quality label “Surplus-energy territory for green growth” (TEPCV). Thanks to energy transition funds, those TEPCV can be granted to help the project implementation. For instance, more than 2800 electric vehicles and 4000 charging stations were rolled out in France at the end of 2016, and now food delivery for elderly people is carried out through electric mobility in Bligny-sur-Ouche !
Source: "TEPOS : 4 fiches pour mieux comprendre les enjeux" + Ministry website : http://www.tepcv.developpement-durable.gouv.fr

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