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Did you know ? Greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector have been stable for the past 5 years

In France, the transport sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases: consuming much fossil fuels, it represents almost 30% of the total national emissions. The General Council for Environment and Sustainable Development (CGEED in French) outlines in a report that electric vehicles and information and communication technologies (ITC) are key assets to reduce emissions in the transport sector. Beyond its benefits related to air quality and noise pollution, electric vehicles have an advantageous carbon footprint thanks to low-carbon electricity production in France. Regarding the advent of ICT, the rollout of autonomous vehicles will foster a better management of the traffic through journey optimisation. Synergies between these two technologies open the doors of hope for a future without greenhouse gases in the transport sector, which has reduced its emissions very little for the last decade.

Information sheet OIE « Emissions de GES en France : une diminution en trompe-l’œil ? » & CGDD « Actualisation des analyses sectorielles du rapport du CGDD n° 008378-01- de février 2013 relatif à la division par 4 des émissions de gaz à effet de serre à l’horizon 2050

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