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Did you know ? European clocks have been delayed due to electric imbalances caused by Balkan countries

Since mid-January, clocks of household appliances (oven, microwave…) run 6 minutes late everywhere in Europe for reasons of political opposition between Serbia and Kosovo! The explanation is simple: for political reasons, Kosovo has sharply reduced its injections into the European interconnected electricity system, and Serbia, responsible for balancing energy among the Balkans countries, has refused to compensate for this drop in generation. This situation affected the quality of electricity: the frequency, normally 50 hertz, was reduced, while the clocks are adjusted on it.

In Europe, in the event of an imbalance between injection (generation) and discharge (consumption), transmission system operators shall react rapidly to restore the balance of the electricity system. In order to do so, they have two types of reserves to compensate for losses: ancillary services (up to 800 MW) and balancing mechanism (up to 1,000 MW). These reserves intervene at different time and power scales by injecting electricity on the network.
Source: Electric Industry Observatory (OIE) Factsheet “The management of the balance of the electricity system”

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