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Did you know? Energy systems are undergoing an increasing number of cyberattacks

According to the World Energy Council, energy infrastructures are particularly targeted by cyberattacks because of their core role in the functioning of the economy: more than 20 large-scale cyberattacks have been directed to electric systems over the past years. In 2015 and 2016, Ukraine’s electricity grid was the target of cyberattacks. Thus, Ukrainian households have been plunged into darkness in the middle of winter twice. With the digitisation of the electrical system and the development of connected devices, the question of the vulnerability of French networks arises: RTE mentioned in its annual report that last year it had defeated "4,300 attacks" and "200 viruses"... a month! At the French level, ANSSI is piloting France’s cybersecurity policy. France also adopted, in the Military Programming Law of 2013, a regulatory framework aiming at defining the obligations of "Vital Importance Operators" for the national economy. The industry has sized up the scale of the threat and has invested more and more in their protection systems to achieve the goal of cyber resilience.
Source: OIE Economic Outlook briefing « Cyber resilience of Electric System »

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