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Did you know ? According to WWF, France has the best low carbon strategy in Europe

The NGO WWF analysed the low carbon strategies that were submitted by 11 countries in 2015. The French low carbon strategy is considered as the best with “satisfying” results for 8 out of the 10 criteria: actionable strategy (who will act, how and when), analytical basis (does the strategy rely on data?), integration of the strategy in the framework of the actual national policies, monitoring of the progress achieved, political commitment, public transparency, review and scope. However, two points remain to be further improved: the process transparency and the level of ambition for the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, as the current objective is set at 75% by 2050. France is therefore on the highest step of the podium with a quality score of 78%, just ahead of the United Kingdom (71%) and Finland (68%). The worst performers of this WWF assessment are Germany (38%), Greece (32%) and Cyprus (25%).
Source: WWF Europe

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