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Did you know? 20 000 Linky smart meters are installed every day in France!

The roll-out of smart meters in France is happening quite fast, with already 5 million of equipped households. By the end of 2017, almost 8 million of smart meters will be installed, with the objective of equipping all households by 2021, namely 35 million smart meters in total! On top of this deployment, consumers will benefit from a better service, such as shorter intervention time or remote operations. Thanks to Linky, supplier will receive more detailed information in order to invoice the exact amount of electricity used by customers. Customers will know better their electricity consumption profile and will thus be allowed to subscribe to the most adapted offer, while choosing their supplier. Moreover, smart meters offer a large scope of potential innovations for the electricity sector in the development of smart grids, renewable energy and electric vehicles thanks to the measurement of electricity supply and consumption. A better knowledge of the electric system will allow DSOs to optimize the management of the distribution network in order to offer a better quality of electricity and services to all users.

Source: Observatoire de l’Industrie Electrique « Linky : où en est-on ? »
dossier de presse Enedis « Près de 5 millions de compteurs Linky posés, et alors ? »

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