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Presidential campaign: what about promoting our assets?

During the presidential campaign, the story seems to repeat itself: every candidate commits to improve the economic and social functioning of the country, but strangely, things that have been functioning correctly and represent asset to be strengthened are largely absent from the debates. In the energy sector, debates focus primarily on the opposition between renewable and nuclear energy, even though complementary between them is the actual issue.. This is all the more important as electricity stands as sector of excellence that could play a key role in supporting the French economy. The development of our territories together with France’s the position on the European and global scenes are at stake, so let us be proud of our assets for once!

Challenges facing the world of tomorrow are tremendous, it is therefore essential to have a clear view on the ongoing transformations and the opportunities for development to be seized. Everywhere on Earth, a large process for innovation is underway towards a “post-carbon” era characterised by emission neutrally and waste-free consumption. In this context, electricity appears as the indispensable source of energy: driver for the energy transition and the digital transformation, it meets new energy needs and enhances the development of new solutions in comfort, automation and health while preserving our environmental capital.

All in the same boat with electricity

Consumers, be they individuals, companies or public authorities, are always more demanding regarding the economic, social and environmental footprints of the energy consumed, but also regarding quality of services and the level of prices. These aspirations and the outstanding progress in technologies, such as renewable energy, storage, smart grids or connected devices, sketch out a future in which electricity brings the most relevant solution. Digital revolution is underway all around the world, and Europe and France have a full role to play as drivers and beneficiaries of this revolution.

Take the leadership to promote the Europe of electricity

France must be an actor in the construction of the Energy Union.In this regard, it benefits from an electricity sector of excellence that gathers renowned expertise and national, European and even world leaders across all the value chain – electricity producers, network operators, manufacturers, devices, distributors and installers of industrial machinery, providers of energy efficiency services.
This partnership-based approach is the only way to draw out a common and articulated vision in the current negotiations and the future transposition of the “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package.

A call from the industry

In this respect, bold collective orientations are essential to lead the country along this path. It is in this context that 6 major French electricity associations, namely UFE, FIEEC [1], FFIE [2], SERCE [3], IGNES [4] and GIMELLEC [5], published a joint statement to the attention of the presidential candidates presenting 5 key priorities: Reducing consumption in carbon-based energy, gathering every actor in the view to commit for ambitious objectives, supporting local authorities in a durable manner, anticipating and preparing for the competencies and jobs of tomorrow, and prioritising the export of electricity.
Through electricity, France has a clean, competitive and ready-to-export source of energy at its disposal. Backed by its renowned expertise, the electricity sector appears as a strategic industry, which is ready to address the challenges it faces.

[1French association of electrical, electronic and communication industries

[2The French electrical contractors association

[3Syndicat des Entreprises de génie électrique et climatique

[4Industries du Génie Numérique, Energétique et Sécuritaire

[5Grouping of electrical equipment industries

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