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  • When the industry, the Government and social partners mobilize for excellency in the energy sector

    The French Government has just entrusted, in the Multiannual Energy framework 2023-2028, the new French Skills Agency with the task of opening a specific project on the ecological transition. This project will involve several stakeholders: the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry for the Economy and Finance as well as the Ministry of Labour, representatives of the National Industry Council (CNI), and social partners. The prospective impetus given will focus on jobs, skills and therefore training, which are major challenges for the "Nuclear" and "New Energy Systems Industries" sectors. With its partners in the electricity sector, UFE is invested in the Outlook Employment Contract, under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, which should be officially signed during this 1st quarter of 2019....

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  • Networks and renewable energy: UFE at the service of the community

    In accordance with the ESSOC bill, the French government presented to the Higher Energy Council (CSE) on January 22nd one ruling act and two decrees to simplify and accelerate the entry into force of the Regional Plans for Connecting Renewable Energy to the Network (S3REnR). UFE has held several consultations on this much-awaited topic, making it possible to find consensual positions and express proposals for improvement on the three texts, all of which were widely adopted by the CSE.

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  • 2019, year of many changes for Europe

    On December 18th, European legislators found a political agreement on the “Market Design” Directive and Regulation. This agreement marks the end of a particularly intensive year for the European energy agenda, and more broadly of more than three legislative years on the famous Clean Energy Package, which aimed to reform in depth the European energy sector. While Romania just took the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU on January 1st, 2019 will be a key year for the European Union, with the election of a new European Parliament and the establishment of new European Commission. The European Union will have to deal with the tensions in the different Member States, reform itself and set its ambition, especially on climate, in the long-term. For this beginning of the year, UFE looks back at the agreement found on the future electricity market design and the major European challenges for 2019.

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    It is the last month of the year. With cold weather settling in, let us all remember that we have a responsibility to limit our energy consumption. This is also very much linked to the discussions on purchasing power that have been at the core of the debates in France of the past few weeks! Indeed, reducing one’s energy consumption is not only necessary to fight climate change and improve French energy independency, but it also reduces the energy bill for consumers! Some energy efficiency measures require significant investments (insulating walls, changing heating systems) and can actually reduce energy saving. However, thanks to eco-actions, energy bills can be reduced easily as they only require changing your habits.

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  • Cooperate to succeed: the annual conference of UFE at the heart of the current debates

    Energy is at the core of the latest news: Emmanuel Macron presented the French Multiannual Energy Framework (PPE) and the National Low Carbon Strategy (SNBC), the European Commission unveiled its long-term climate strategy "A Clean Planet for All" ahead of COP24, and protest movements emerge against the increase in ecological taxation and electricity prices. UFE’s annual conference was particularly timely to illustrate how cooperation and partnerships should help solving the equation between climate, security of supply, purchasing power and employment.
    Let us look back at the highlights of this special day.

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  • Change of scene: the UFE’s Annual Conference moves to the Espace Cambon, on November 29th!

    An umpteenth palace-hotel is being built on George V Avenue, thereby creating a lot of noise, vibration and roars at the detriment of its neighbours. UFE, always concerned about the comfort of its guests, decided without further delay to find a new location for its Annual Conference. It is now within the Pavillon Cambon, with its beautiful halls, that we will welcome you next November 29th, with the presence of the French State Minister of the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, François de Rugy.

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  • Electromobility in the spotlight during two weeks at the Paris Motor Show

    The French Motor Show, which took place in Paris from October 4th to 14th,was attended by more than a million visitors, curious to discover the cars of tomorrow, and in particular, the new electric models of the car manufacturers. More generally, whether in the Mondial Paris Motor Show, in the European Parliament and Council or in the press, not a day has gone by without electric mobility making the headlines. Today, UFE goes back to these 10 days, which are of crucial importance for the deployment of electromobility both in France and in Europe, and the steps that still need to be taken.

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  • The European electricity sector needs capacity mechanisms!

    As negotiations on the electricity market reform are in full swing, the European media Euractiv, with the support of UFE and RTE, organised on September 25th a conference in Brussels on the role of capacity mechanisms in the energy transition. As one of the most political topics of the ongoing discussions on the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package, capacity mechanisms are instruments that value the availability of generation capacities and demand side response on the market and aim at ensuring security of supply for consumers whatever the circumstances. However, the outcome of the discussions on this subject remains uncertain. UFE comes back to this major challenge of the reform of the electricity market in Europe.

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  • Building sector: France against the wall

    Launched on September 10th by the French government and ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), the “FAIRE” (to make) campaign to mobilize for the energy renovation of buildings goes in the right direction, as it takes a bottom-up approach, closest to the citizens’ preoccupations. But it is only a first step, considering that, in terms of clarity and coherence of public policies in the building sector, much progress remains to be made…

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