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  • Brexit: what prospects for the future Europe (of energy)

    On March 29th, the United Kingdom triggered for the first time the article 50 of the Treaty on European Union thus leading to the end of the European Union as one knows it. Eight months after a historical referendum (52% of the Brits voted in favor of Brexit), and just a few days after the celebration the EU’s 60th anniversary, the triggering of article 50 brings at least two years of tough negotiations between the United Kingdom and the EU-27 so as to agree on terms of the exit. While uncertainties prevail regarding the magnitude of the challenges ahead, Brexit could have serious consequences on the energy and climate sectors.

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    Recent news has released information that could be considered as science fiction if only it was not published by very reliable sources. As examples, hacking actions have taken place during the last American election campaign and Wikileaks revealed the CIA’s technologies to spy the world environment and bypass encryption devices. Those examples underline, if need be, the the necessity to protect as much as possible what is essential to us, and in particular to ensure the proper functioning of the electric system…

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  • The electricity grid at the heart of the energy transition

    The energy transition brings many changes to the electricity system, both as challenges and opportunities, , such as the emergence of new generation means more dependent on weather conditions and more decentralised, or new consumption habits that enhance flexibility and adapt to new uses such as electric vehicles or connected devices. Between production and consumption, the grid is at the heart of the electric system, with system operators further innovating to lead the energy transition. Let us have a glimpse into the future …

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  • Electricity Industry Observatory: tutorial about the energy bill

    To celebrate the redesign of the Electricity Industry Observatory (Observatoire de l’Industrie Electrique (OIE) in French)‘s website on Wednesday February 2nd, UFE invited several eminent officials of the energy sector to discuss the impact of the energy transition on energy bill for consumers. The great amount of attendants and the high-level debates illustrate the keen interest for this issue, and remind, if need be, the importance of conducting energy policy in the most efficient way.

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  • Initial thoughts on the Clean Energy Package

    Following the Paris agreement, the European Commission aims at positioning the European Union as a leader in the energy transition thanks to the Clean Energy Package. UFE has examined carefully those proposals, now at the negotiating table between the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. During informal dinner discussions, which took place at the European Energy Forum on Tuesday 14th in Strasbourg, UFE shared its initial thoughts on this matter, which will undoubtedly mobilise industrial partners, civil society and institutional stakeholders throughout the whole year, but will also bring structural change in the power sector once voted.

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  • Clean Energy Package : the European Parliament in the spotlight !

    Following the release of the Clean Energy Package on Novembre 30th by the European Commission, it is now up to the European Parliament to take over several legislative proposals structurally important for the energy sector. Jerzy Buzek, chair of the ITRE Committee and major figure of the European Parliament on energy-related issues, expressed his ambition to achieve the Parliament’s legislative work as soon as possible, by the end of 2017. This seems to be an ambitious schedule, especially in the light of the density and complexity of the texts to be examined, and considering how far the Parliament is from having strong and stable political coalitions.

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  • Electricity, a new ambition for France

    The world is experiencing such a deep and vast transformation period, that one can easily talk about “a revolution”. UFE published its “Ambition for France” to remind that electricity is at the heart of this revolution and represents a key asset for France.

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  • What to expect for the electricity industry in 2017?

    Such exercise in the first days of the year is never an easy task. Obviously, one cannot anticipate the “surprises” that will come up, but it is still possible to identify some of the major economic trends and debates that will shape 2017 for the electricity actors.

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  • For Christmas, let us be eco-friendly!

    Decreasing our energy consumption matters for several reasons: it contributes to fighting against climate change, improving France’s energy independence and lower the energy bill at the individual level! Some energy efficiency measures require important investments (wall insulation, change of heating systems, etc.) that may hold back the development of energy efficiency. Yet, there are several ways to make savings on our energy bills only by changing some of our habits: let us be eco-friendly!

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